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Discover: Blue Forests

Globally, hundreds of millions of coastal people rely on mangrove forests for food security, fuel and livelihoods. The vast majority of these people are living in low-income countries in Asia and West and Central Africa. Mangrove fisheries, particularly high value species such as shrimp and crab, are a lifeline for families and economies, and underpin ...

2017 – Sharing, learning, growing

2017 was another remarkable year for Blue Ventures, so we’ve pulled together some highlights: 2017 - Sharing, learning, growing These accomplishments were only possible thanks to the support of our friends, partners and thousands of individuals like you who share our vision.

Discover: Safidy: The Freedom to Choose

In celebration of Safidy's ten year anniversary, a new discover site has been released to illustrate the incredible journey of integrating community health services into our marine conservation work. A decade ago we were a nascent marine conservation group that courageously branched out into working on community health with several respected health partners. Today we’re ...

2016 – Accelerating progress

This has been a landmark year for Blue Ventures. From the coral triangle to the Western Indian Ocean, we have brought our award-winning conservation approaches to thousands more people, partnered with more communities and collaborators than ever before, and inspired a new generation of people concerned about the state of our oceans to become stewards ...
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