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Explore: Photo Stories


Greener charcoal

Blue Ventures has released a new Explore Photo Story with photos and text by Louise Gardner. Madagascar’s mangroves are in trouble, and finding a viable alternative to mangrove charcoal is crucial if they are to be saved… Discover the unlikely saviour in this fuelwood dilemma in Greener charcoal. This project was funded by UK aid from ...

Opening Day

Blue Ventures has released a new Explore Photo Story with photos by Leah Glass, and text by Cécile Schneider and Leah Glass. It tells the remarkable story of the annual Indian mackerel fishery closure in northwest Madagascar, and the hope, questions and challenges that surround it. See for yourself whether the sacrifices made by the Antafiambotry ...

Seaweed Farming

Blue Ventures has released a new Explore Photo Story with text by Ben Honey, and photos by Ben Honey, Louise Jasper, Anne Guillaume and Adrian Levrel. Every day in the remote coastal village of Antanimanimbo, people fish for crab in the mangroves. However, their isolation means that they struggle to make a living from fishing alone. ...


Blue Ventures has released a new Explore Photo Story with photos and text by Garth Cripps and in collaboration with LINI. Across Indonesia, Bajo fishermen like Roni will spend hours leaning precariously close to the water, one hand paddling, the other moving the lure, all the while watching for a hint of octopus. Discover the octopus ...

Exploring Timor-Leste

Blue Ventures has released a new Explore Photo Story with photos and text from Timor-Leste volunteer Anne-Lise Blanchet. Anne-Lise tells the story of her marine conservation expedition experience, illustrated by stunning photos of the cetaceans, scenery, coral and culture that can be found on Atauro island. Discover a remote corner of the coral triangle in Exploring ...

Explore: Avy

Blue Ventures has released a new Explore Photo Story to coincide with World Fisheries Day. This photo story follows Avy, a fisherman from the remote coastal village of Andavadoaka in southwest Madagascar. His family are Vezo, the traditional fishers of the area, distinguished by their intimate knowledge of, and reliance on, the sea. Climb aboard a ...

Explore: Wildlife of the Mangroves

Madagascar is one of the most mangrove-rich countries in the world, but we know almost nothing about the importance of these forests to terrestrial wildlife. Wildlife of the Mangroves exhibits new research from the Blue Forests team that has revealed the incredible richness of Madagascar’s mangrove birds and lemurs.  

Explore: Managing Belize’s Lionfish Invasion

Voracious, venomous, and a prolific breeder to boot, the invasive red lionfish poses a huge threat to coral reefs, fisheries and coastal communities in the Caribbean. Find out how Belize's coastal fishing communities are resisting this invasion by reading our new photo story: Managing Belize's Lionfish Invasion

Explore: Conservation Ecotourism

Since 2003, Blue Ventures has built a globally acclaimed conservation ecotourism model, which is both simple and effective: our volunteer expeditions generate secure and sustainable seed funding to allow our conservation teams to explore and develop initiatives in new regions and countries. The longevity of our presence alongside local partners builds strong relations, trust, credibility, ...

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