Fish Farmer Magazine: Community farms feed families

Blue Ventures is featured in the March 2015 edition of Fish Farmer Magazine in an article exploring the impact of our community-based aquaculture programme.

Community-based aquaculture in the Western Indian Ocean region: towards a sustainable future for coastal people and marine biodiversity

Scientists, technical experts, social entrepreneurs and community leaders engaged in aquaculture programmes across the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) gathered in Zanzibar last week to share experiences, opportunities, challenges and lessons learned, with the aim of developing recommendations for the sustainable growth of community-based aquaculture (CBA) initiatives in the region. [tweetable]Coastal communities in the WIO are ...

National Geographic: Farming sea cucumbers in Madagascar for economic hope and conservation

BV's Taylor Mayol writes about the locally managed aquaculture farms that have begun sprouting up in shallow bays around the Velondriake locally managed marine area, introducing environmentally sustainable sea cucumber ranching as a simple source of cash for the Vezo people of Madagascar. "This isn't just another doom-and-gloom story about how the oceans are being stripped ...
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