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Blog: 4 take home messages from the International Congress for Conservation Biology

Belize Country Coordinator Jennifer Chapman distills her thoughts on why interdisciplinary skills are a must for effective conservation. Read the full post: 4 take home messages from the International Congress for Conservation Biology

New research: insights into the diet of invasive lionfish in Belize reveal important lessons for management

New research by Blue Ventures Conservation has revealed important insights into the diets of invasive lionfish in the Belize Barrier Reef. The researchers found that large lionfish in Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve consume greater quantities of prey than smaller individuals, and that they dine on a wider variety of species. In contrast, small lionfish appear ...

Travel Weekly: Latin America – 10 of the best food and drink experiences

In their list of the 10 best food and drink experiences in Latin America, Travel Weekly included our Lionfish Expeditions in Belize! "Many operators offer ‘sea to plate’ experiences, whereby tourists get the chance to hunt lionfish and then learn to cook it themselves before enjoying their meal, safe in the knowledge that they have ...

National Geographic: Combating the Invasive Lionfish—by Wearing Them

National Geographic have released a video featuring our Country Coordinator for Belize, Jennifer Chapman, and the Belize Lionfish Jewelry group. The video begins by describing the impact the invasive lionfish are having on the reef, and goes on to explain how the production of lionfish jewellery is incentivising increased removal of lionfish by fishermen, and how Blue Ventures is ...

New Research: Working up an appetite for lionfish

A new study by Blue Ventures offers a potential solution to the growing threat posed by non-native invasive lionfish in Belize. The study, published in Marine Policy, suggests that the creation of a commercial fishery could help to curb lionfish numbers, whilst offering an alternative livelihood solution to Belize’s small scale fishing communities.   Located ...

Blog: Belioness: 15 women, seven communities, four languages, one vision

The Belioness lionfish jewelry group gather from across Belize to develop a shared vision for their social enterprise; United women, empowered communities, and a healthy, beautiful reef. Read the full post: Belioness: 15 women, seven communities, four languages, one vision

Blog: Counting for conservation: the Belize National Lionfish Survey

Science Interns Julia Rubin and Anna Simmons recall 3 months spent surveying 50 different reef sites across 5 of Belize’s marine reserves. Read the full post: Counting for conservation: the Belize National Lionfish Survey

Explore: Managing Belize’s Lionfish Invasion

Voracious, venomous, and a prolific breeder to boot, the invasive red lionfish poses a huge threat to coral reefs, fisheries and coastal communities in the Caribbean. Find out how Belize's coastal fishing communities are resisting this invasion by reading our new photo story: Managing Belize's Lionfish Invasion

The Wall Street Journal: Belize’s Lionfish: Creating Demand for Invasive Species

Blue Ventures' Country Coordinator for Belize Jen Chapman was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal in their video Belize's Lionfish: Creating Demand for Invasive Species. Read the full article: The Wallstreet Journal: Voracious, Constantly Spawning Lionfish Have Proven Difficult to Contain Find out more about our Belize Lionfish Expeditions

Oceana: Facing a plague of invasive lionfish, Caribbean and Gulf communities get creative

Oceana has published a series of 2 blogs about the invasion of Pacific lionfish into the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Our Belize Country Coordinator, Jen Chapman, is interviewed in part 2 about the positive impact of lionfish fisheries: “It looks like lionfish are larger and more abundant within no-take zones than in areas ...
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