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Crossing the Indo-Pacific for marine conservation

Tonga soa, bienvenue, bienvenida, welcome! Late August saw the arrival in Madagascar of some very special visitors. A group of Mexican fishermen traveled more than 17,500 kilometres to have a conversation with their local counterparts about octopus.  Their destination: a community-run marine conservation initiative on the Mozambique Channel, where local fishers have been managing their ...

DW: Fishing for success in Madagascar

Blue Ventures' community led approach to rebuilding fisheries is profiled in the article 'Fishing for success in Madagascar' in German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle ( DW is known for its in-depth, reliable news and information and promotes exchange and understanding between the world’s cultures and people. Declaring sections of the ocean off-limits through marine protected ...

The Reporter: Lionfish jewelry: the latest tactic in population control

The Belize newspaper "The Reporter" recently published an article about the lionfish jewellery programme that we have facilitated in Belize. The article covers the training course where 14 Belizean women received instruction in jewellery making, accounting, marketing, branding and team building. Our Country Coordinator in Belize, Jennifer Chapman, is interviewed: "Dealing with the lionfish is ...

The Telegraph: Fishing aid need not be all at sea

Our recent PLOS one paper has been featured in this Telegraph article exploring issues of development aid funding and the success of long term, locally led, fisheries management. "A new paper published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One demonstrates... that when aid is applied on a small scale to meet local people’s real needs – and, above all, in ...

Forbes: Fisheries Management Generates Market-Beating Returns

Our Dr Garth Cripp's writes for Ashoka on on the findings of our recent PLOS ONE paper showing that marine management pays for local fishers in Southwest Madagascar. Read the story - Fisheries Management Generates Market-Beating Returns on

Mongabay: Periodic closure of fishing grounds boosts octopuses and helps coastal communities

The findings of our PLOS ONE paper were highlighted with stunning photos in an article on Mongabay.   Read the story – Photos: periodic closure of fishing grounds boosts octopuses and helps coastal communities on

Local communities reap dividends from managing octopus fisheries

A landmark study from the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar highlights the compelling economic benefits of local fisheries management and their role in catalysing community engagement in broader marine management efforts. Marine management pays. This is the striking conclusion of a new study evaluating an initiative by coastal communities in Madagascar to manage octopus fisheries. Marine ...

The Times: Funds are needed for marine protected areas

Blue Ventures' founder and executive director Dr Alasdair Harris joined a global call from 19 leading marine NGOs published in The Times (behind paywall) to mark World Ocean's Day 2015.  

The Ecologist: Sustainable abundance – rebuilding fisheries to support coastal communities in Madagascar

Blue Ventures' community conservation model is featured in The Ecologist. "Marine conservation is usually expressed in austere and negative terms, writes Alasdair Harris, with strict quotas and exclusion zones. But the truth is the exact opposite: it's about working with natural ecosystems to unlock their productive potential, creating sustainable wealth and abundance for fishing communities ...

Google Street View goes off-road in Madagascar

Today Google Maps launched the first-ever Street View imagery of Madagascar, allowing a global audience to explore the world’s fourth largest island for the first time. The advent of Google’s ‘Trekker’ has enabled some of the most spectacular sights of the natural world to be captured using a panoramic camera worn in a specially designed ...
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