Crossing the ocean for marine conservation (again!)

In August 2015 octopus fishers from Mexico travelled to Madagascar as the first leg of a community exchange. This month Malagasy fishers made the return journey to learn more about the Mexican experience of sustainable fisheries management. At sunrise one morning earlier this month, Joseph Rabesolo set off from his home to go fishing. Usually ...

Blog: Talking Tara Bandu – A bold new model for community conservation in Timor-Leste

Blue Ventures' staff and volunteers travelled to Adara on the west coast of Atauro Island to witness the creation of a new Locally Managed Marine Area - a marine milestone for locally led conservation in the Coral Triangle Read the full post: Talking Tara Bandu: A bold new model for community conservation in Timor-Leste

Blog: Elections bring new leaders and energy into the committee governing Madagascar’s first locally managed marine area

Elections bring new leaders and energy into the committee governing Madagascar’s first locally managed marine area Read the full post: Elections bring new leaders and energy into the committee governing Madagascar’s first locally managed marine area

New research: Community-based monitoring helps to protect one of the remaining hotspots of marine turtle nesting in Madagascar

A new study highlights the decrease in marine turtle nesting in Madagascar, and the role that community-based monitoring could play in monitoring and protecting remaining nesting sites. Madagascar is an important foraging ground for marine turtles in the Western Indian Ocean, yet the status of the country’s nesting aggregations remains poorly documented. A new study, ...

Working together to rebuild tropical fisheries

Building a global cooperation to inspire community-led marine conservation Blue Ventures has today committed to a collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature, one of the world’s best-known conservation organisations. This strategic relationship aims to both strengthen global awareness of the challenges facing tropical small-scale fisheries worldwide, and accelerate the uptake of incentive-based approaches ...

Blog: Velondriake villages stake their claim to mangrove conservation

This week sees both International Forests Day and World Water Day - what better way to explore the intertwined nature of the two than celebrating mangroves - incredible areas where the forest meets the sea. This year we’re reflecting on the progress made by communities in the Bay of Assassins, Madagascar, who are leading the way ...

Future Oceans: Community Driven Conservation Works to Save Madagascar’s Sharks

Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (EJN) has commissioned a series of stories exploring disruptive innovations likely to affect marine conservation, Future Oceans, providing a multi-dimensional, global look at the technologies, policies, and people that are creating a new future for the world’s oceans. In the article Community Driven Conservation Works to Save Madagascar's Sharks Hannah McNeish profiles ...

Save Our Seas: A short interview with Frances Humber

Our Conservation Programme Manager, Dr Fran Humber was interviewed for a recent edition of Save Our Seas Magazine. Read the full interview here Find out more about our work rebuilding fisheries  

The Changer: Building Sustainable Coastal Communities

The Changer interviewed our Executive Director Alasdair Harris about his motivation for starting Blue Ventures, and how Blue Ventures can succeed where other marine conservation organisations have struggled: "We began working with coastal communities in south-western Madagascar to develop an approach that would return meaningful economic benefits in timeframes that worked for fishers, that would protect marine biodiversity, ...

Blog: Celebrating the mission that unites us

Eighty-four members of our team from all of Blue Ventures’ offices and field programmes in Madagascar attended, along with representatives from our London office and our newest colleague from our evolving partnership project in Comoros met in Andavadoaka, Madagascar for our sixth annual conference. Alongside three days of discussions and workshops to define the collective ...
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