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We develop transformative approaches for catalysing and sustaining locally led marine conservation


We introduce short-term closures of fishing grounds to boost catches, thus sparking and building enduring support for more ambitious conservation efforts that are led by communities, for communities. By returning meaningful economic benefits in timeframes that work for traditional fishers, our work inspires local leadership to protect marine biodiversity and improve food security.


We recognise the inextricable links between poor health, unmet family planning needs, food insecurity, environmental degradation and vulnerability to climate change. In response to these interconnected challenges, we have developed a holistic approach integrating reproductive health services with marine conservation and coastal livelihood initiatives.


Once we have developed a conservation model that works, we support coastal communities to share their experiences so that they can learn from each other. We have over a decade of experience making connections between coastal communities, from organising village exchanges to establishing national and regional learning networks.

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