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ODK User Guide

We have found Open Data Kit to be a useful piece of open source software for collecting data in our field sites without much prior technical knowledge. Much of this is available on the ODK website but as non-developers we have spent time working through some of the technical language, testing out different data collection methods and compiling our lessons and advice for using this in a remote, community based data collection setting, to produce a simple easy to follow step-by-step guide to setting up ODK monitoring.

Although ODK is freely available we have worked hard to capture our lessons and experiences using ODK in remote settings with community based monitors. For this reason we ask that you acknowledge use of our guide in any publications or publicly available material resulting from its use.

To download a copy of the free toolkit, please fill in the following details. The information you provide will help us understand how it is being used and by whom, in order to shape its further development and allow us to send you updates.

Blue Ventures' support offerings include:

Training and technical advice

Interactive training sessions and follow up technical support delivered by our experienced LMMA / PHE specialists bring the content of our toolkits to life and enable our partners to develop the competencies needed to apply these models. This package ensures a deep technical understanding of our models and adequate monitoring & evaluation of impacts.


We offer to guide our partners through every step of their LMMA / PHE journey, facilitating reflection on appropriate organisational values to underpin implementation and acting as a sounding board as they seek to adapt these models in the regions where they work. We strongly encourage their aspirations to champion these models by supporting them to play a leading role in national or regional learning networks.

Learning exchanges

We can facilitate visits to our field sites in Madagascar for NGO staff and/or local community members including fishers. Our carefully designed itineraries are tailored to meet the individual needs of our partners and may take in a variety of our programmes from fisheries management to aquaculture, blue carbon and community health in line with our holistic approach to conservation. Emphasis is placed on practical learning and mutual sharing of experiences.

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