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ICT4Fisheries in Practice


ICT4Fisheries in Practice

ICT4Fisheries in Practice (2019) Abalobi & Blue Ventures Conservation Report. Available for download at


The second Information Communication Technologies for Fisheries (ICT4Fisheries) conference, named ‘ICT4Fisheries in Practice’, was held in Cape Town, South Africa 7th-10th October 2019. The conference brought together 63 individuals from 17 countries representing various organisations using technology within the small-scale fisheries sector. The overall objective was for actors to share insights that enable the adoption of technology in small-scale fisheries. Key learnings from the conference included identifying the pros and cons of ICTs, determining opportunities for tech and establishing key user engagement strategies. These were derived from case studies that were presented as well as group discussions. In this report we present an overview of the key learnings from the conference.

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