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Blog: A unique opportunity to experience community-based fisheries management

Madagascar volunteer Jessie Skedd shares her insight after witnessing the opening of octopus fishing grounds following a period of temporary closure.


Thomson Reuters: Executive Perspective: Entering uncharted waters – ocean conservation key to the future

An opinion piece from Blue Ventures’ Alasdair Harris and WWF’s John Tanzer gives two examples of successful community-led coastal conservation efforts in Madagascar and Indonesia.


Sharing the success of temporary octopus fishery closures

The community of Andavadoaka in southwest Madagascar recently hosted visitors from Kenya and Tanzania so that they could witness this year’s octopus fishery reopening.


Madagascar’s fishing communities unite to take charge of their future

A national meeting of leaders from Madagascar’s small-scale fishing communities marks a pivotal moment for the empowerment of the country’s coastal communities to assert their rights to manage traditional fishing grounds.


Save Our Seas: Hearts, minds – and stomachs

In the 7th issue of the Save Our Seas Magazine, Alasdair Harris speaks about the importance of living “with and within communities” when it comes to devising models for marine conservation.


Shrimp trawling closure brings new hope for traditional fishers in Madagascar

This closure is the first step in the implementation of a new fisheries management plan that will ultimately benefit traditional fishers, the local marine environment and help reduce pressure on declining shrimp stocks.


Blog: Presenting fisheries data in the Barren Isles: a community engagement visit

The Blue Ventures fisheries team recently visited four new sites in the Barren Isles LMMA to present the results of the fin fish monitoring programme to the fishing communities.


Blog: What global conservation lessons can be learnt from Madagascar?

In this week’s blog we pass the mic to a global expert on marine conservation, IUCN’s Professor Dan Laffoley, who visited our programmes in Madagascar earlier this year


Save Our Seas: Octopus’s garden in Madagascar

Our Outreach Manager Steve Rocliffe has written an article for Save Our Seas Magazine concerning the temporary closure of the octopus fishery in the village of Andavadoaka, Madagascar


Blog: Talking Tara Bandu – A bold new model for community conservation in Timor-Leste

Staff and volunteers travelled to witness the creation of a new Locally Managed Marine Area on Atauro Island – a marine milestone for locally led conservation in the Coral Triangle

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