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Cristina Torres


Administration and Operations Officer
Cristina was born in Baucau Municipality on the North Coast of Timor-Leste. She has contributed to coastal communities from a young age because most of her relatives make their living from the ocean. Cristina has a strong commitment to working with the coastal communities to enable the communities to have a better life for their families and sustainable economic income from conservation activities.
Cristina is a strong advocate of Blue Ventures’ value of ‘communities first’ due to her own experiences living in the field with rural communities. Cristina realised that all we need is to listen to the communities and hearing directly in order to respond to their needs. Cristina brings a wealth of work experience to BV by having worked for other development organisations in Timor-Leste prior to joining Blue Ventures  Hamutuk ita bele, “Together we can do”.

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