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Elanirina Nomenjanahary


Administrative and Operations Assistant
Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Ela grew up in Andavadoaka and its surrounding villages. As the oldest of 5 siblings, she spent the majority of her time outside of school on the reef flat gleaning for octopus, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and various shells to help support her parents. She witnessed the dramatic decline in marine resources over a short period of time and the resulting impact on the daily lives of people in her community. Ela has been working in various capacities alongside Blue Ventures since 2011 but started her current role in 2016, officially working for Blue Ventures supporting all projects’ operational and logistics needs. She is proud to be contributing to the various projects benefiting her community and its marine resources that her family and peers depend on.

Ela has also done the Malagasy voice-overs for many of Blue Ventures films and plays the role of octopus mermaid in Tovo the Octopus Gleaner.

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