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Erica Judith Vanelle Damo


Health and Education Programme Coordinator
Mahajamba, Madagascar

Judith has more than ten years experiences in NGO and Private Sector work before joining Blue Ventures Mahajamba. She was the Support Technician during 3 years, as part of the implementation of the Community Health Project, Kaominina Mendrika Salama at 16 Communes in the Atsinanana Region where she coaches and supervises community actors.

She has worked as a project coordinator on good governance, transparency and social accountability, overseeing public state actors, technical and governance management based on good governance. She did this work with a Malagasy NGO (Lambignana) in the East of Madagascar during 2 years.

Then, before joining Blue Ventures, she was Logistics Manager of a development agency on a food safety project FARARANO during 4 years.

Now she is in the Mahajamba Bay, very excited and committed to ensure the coordination of  the Education and Training Programme.

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