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Erica Judith Vanelle Damo


Education & Training Programme Coordinator
Mahajamba, Madagascar

Judith has more than ten years experiences in NGO and Private Sector work before joining Blue Ventures Mahajamba. She was the Support Technician during 3 years, as part of the implementation of the Community Health Project, Kaominina Mendrika Salama at 16 Communes in the Atsinanana Region where she coaches and supervises community actors.

She has worked as a project coordinator on good governance, transparency and social accountability, overseeing public state actors, technical and governance management based on good governance. She did this work with a Malagasy NGO (Lambignana) in the East of Madagascar during 2 years.

Then, before joining Blue Ventures, she was Logistics Manager of a development agency on a food safety project FARARANO during 4 years.

Now she is in the Mahajamba Bay, very excited and committed to ensure the coordination of  the Education and Training Programme.

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