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Fanantenana ‘Fafah’ Ramasindraibe


Fisheries Coordinator
Ambanja, Madagascar

Fafah studied at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Antananarivo, and graduated with a Masters Degree in Animal Biology, Ecology and Conservation.

His studies have helped him gain a strong understanding of fisheries management, including reproduction biology, temporary closures, and fish stock assessment.

He has previously worked as a consultant on fisheries monitoring, local governance and the development of fishermen associations. He has conducted and participated in fish investigations across several of Madagascar’s Protected Areas.

During his career, he has acquired an in-depth knowledge of small-scale fisheries, and understands issues such as fishing pressure, and its effect on coastal communities.   

Fafah joined Blue Ventures in April 2016. He is highly motivated, and enjoying being part of the Mangrove Fisheries team. He will work closely with coastal communities to promote sustainable fisheries and improve community-led conservation.

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