Feno Hanitriniala


Scholarships & Education Coordinator
Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Feno studied English at the University of Antananarivo and worked as a translator in different companies for six years. During a period of four months in 2015, she took part in WWF’s Explore Program for the protection of mangroves and climate change adaptation in the region of Menabe. During the placement, she has been involved a lot in providing environmental education lessons for students in the area. This experience was a key element for her to shift to another field of interest that is conservation. For two months, she also attended a training on Ocean Governance with the International Ocean Institute in Halifax, Canada where she had the opportunity to widen her knowledge in ocean governance and marine conservation. Now, she strives to empower young Malagasy people like herself to be aware of Madagascar’s natural resources and to manage them sustainably. From her own experience, she also strongly believes in education as a driver for change. She joined Blue Ventures in October 2015 as a School Scholarship Officer in the Education programme and is currently the Scholarships and Education Coordinator.

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