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Gilde Tahindraza


Regional Manager - southwest Madagascar
Andavadoaka, Madagascar

My area of interest and specialization is community based marine resource management, having worked for Blue Ventures since 2016 supporting coastal communities in Southwest Madagascar to rebuild their fisheries. I have a great ability to communicate with different audiences such as fishers, association representations and other stakeholders and key partners. My experience includes working on all socioorganisational and governance aspects of supporting small-scale fisheries.

I support fishers to set up and be part of community-led associations, provide guidance on the duties and responsibilities of an association member and support association leaders to understand good governance, financial management and even fundraising. I facilitate community meetings and I am able to manage and support a team made up of people with very different levels of skills. As am ethnic Vezo, I have a strong understanding and knowledge of the lifestyles and social structure of the Vezo fishing communities that Blue Ventures supports and I am passionate about marine conservation.

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