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Henri Roméo Andriamifidy


Association Support Coordinator
Mahajamba, Madagascar

Roméo studied at Majunga Public University and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science in  2012.

Roméo began his professional career at the Ministry of Environment and Forests, DREF Boeny (Majunga), CEF Mitsinjo in 2013 as a technical collaborator and Bushfire Agent at CEF Mitsinjo. Village-level missions have been carried out as information and sensitization for the sustainable management of their natural resources: forests, lakes and thus fisheries.

Subsequently, he worked at the  Asity Madagascar Manager project in Protected Areas Mahavavy-Kinkony Complex in Mitsinjo as a Zone Manager. He plays a versatile role for this position: associations support, TGRN process and local Dina implementation, monitoring and support associations for AGR.

Now, he is coordinator of associations support in Mahajamba Bay, based in Besakoa with Blue Ventures. Its objective is to develop and support associations in the Bay, as the principal actor in the sustainable management of their marine resources.

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