Nick Piludu


Country Manager

Nick first started working in conservation in his native Sardinia, where he focused on conservation policy and wildlife monitoring. After a few years of inspiring work with local organisations he joined a European Master’s programme that awarded him an MSc in Conservation from Bangor University, UK, and an MSc in Forest Ecology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.  This led him to his next position in Cape Verde, where he worked with sea turtles and wrote his thesis on opportunities for community-based conservation, something he deeply cares about. He then worked with forests in Madagascar, sea mammals in Turkey, and most recently on wildlife crime in Malta.

Nick’s new role in Timor-Leste focuses on building partnership with local and international stakeholders and ensuring Blue Ventures’ projects in the country run smoothly. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, going to the gym, and playing guitar. Poorly.

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