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Zefrin Lolakely


Boat Captain and Peer educator
Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Zefrin is married, has one child, and is a Vezo fisherman. He had wanted to join Blue Ventures for a long time so he was very excited when he joined Safidy. Zefrin began working with BV in 2014 as a boat captain, but because of his charismatic personality, he easily transitioned to providing community outreach when he went on missions. He is talented at facilitating community discussions and developing song and theatre outreach, especially targeted towards youth. What he likes the most about his work is that he can help the youth make healthy decisions for their sexual and reproductive health. He has become quite popular distributing condoms over the past two years, to the extent that many people call him Zefrin Kapoty or Captain Kapoty (meaning the condom captain!).

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