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Blue Ventures Expeditions presents: Saltwater Britain
Updated June 2021 

Whilst the continued disruption of COVID-19 and international travel restrictions mean we can’t yet consider returning volunteers to our sites in Madagascar, Belize or Timor-Leste, we’ve been busy assessing all of our options for the remainder of 2021 and we’re now delighted to introduce you to our latest blue venture, Saltwater Britain.

This new and exciting mission-driven ocean adventure series is powered by Blue Ventures and launches this summer, taking you on an immersive journey through the treasure trove of life above and below UK waves.

Blending adventure with science, our 4-7 day trips will offer breathtaking marine experiences whilst giving you the chance to participate in ocean conservation in UK waters. You will learn skills that will help you become guardians of our seas and 100% of the profits we make will support Blue Ventures conservation programmes that are both critical and urgent.

With over 18 years experience running award-winning marine conservation expeditions, our expert team at Blue Ventures brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running adventures that make a difference.

Partnering with local organisations around UK coastlines, you will have the rare opportunity to meet and connect with the scientists and conservationists working on the ground to restore marine ecosystems for people and nature.

Find out more about our next Saltwater Britain adventure as we explore the Farne Islands and dive with the ever-playful grey seals of Northumberland below.

We’re really excited about this action-packed diving weekend. The Farne Islands are home to thousands of grey seals and each autumn hundreds of pups are born here. Diving in the temperate waters around these stunning islands you’ll get a chance to get up close and personal with these playful creatures – the UK’s largest native carnivore. Join Charlie Young and a small team of divers as learn more about these fantastic beasts and what we can do to help protect them.

When are international expeditions likely to be back up and running?

We are not currently able to offer an accurate timeline on when this might be but this is now unlikely to be in 2021.

We are continuously monitoring the situation from all perspectives and we will endeavour to keep everyone updated with our progress across our social media channels and here on our website.

You can still register your interest for future international expeditions below and we’ll email updates as and when we have them. Your support will be integral to rebuilding our conservation volunteering programme when the time is right.

What effect will this have on Blue Ventures conservation work and the coastal communities we support?

Despite the immense scale of the challenge, the BV family has navigated turbulent times before, from devastating cyclones and infectious outbreaks to prolonged political unrest and conflict. For nearly two decades we’ve worked to increase the resilience of vulnerable coastal communities, many of whom live in precarious conditions lacking access to basic services and reliant on fishing for survival. We have learnt that by listening to communities and offering our expertise to co-design practical locally led solutions, we can help them to overcome these challenges.

With field teams living and working alongside under-served communities throughout the coastal tropics, we’re fortunate to be in a frontline position to respond to this new challenge and find ways to support these communities. We’re humbled that our staff and partners in hundreds of communities across 14 countries are mobilising to use their expertise to meet and overcome the current crisis.

We will all have our way of life profoundly changed by this pandemic. For those who live on the frontline of other crises −  climate breakdown and the depletion of fisheries upon which their livelihoods depend − this global pandemic is yet another shock. It reminds us all why we must take action to cooperate at local and global scales to tackle the issues that make marginalised coastal communities amongst the most vulnerable on the planet.

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