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Safe Software

Safe Software Inc. is the maker of FME® and the global leader in spatial data transformation technology that helps GIS professionals and organizations master their data interoperability challenges. Safe provide Blue Ventures with software licences and support as an awardee of the FME Grant programme.

50 in 10

Blue Ventures is proud to be a partner in 50in10‘s collaborative initiative to forge new partnerships for sustainable fisheries.  This platform offers new opportunities to work with global partners pioneering new approaches to improving fisheries management and sustainability.

Sea Around Us Project

The Sea Around Us Project is a collaboration between the University of British Columbia and the Pew Environment Group, and aims to provide an integrated analysis of the impacts of fisheries on marine ecosystems, and devise policies that can mitigate and reverse harmful trends. They are working with Blue Ventures to reconstruct fisheries catches in Madagascar and East Africa.

The Funding Network

The Funding Network (TFN) is a friendly “dragons’ den” for charities and potential donors. They are the UK’s first open giving circle and create social change through collective giving. TFN is supporting the expansion of our work into Myanmar.

Synchronicity Earth

Synchronicity Earth identify global priorities for conservation, gaps in funding, and barriers to action in order to seek out solutions that are innovative, effective, and sustainable, and to partner with organisations that can deliver results. Synchronicity Earth has been supporting Blue Ventures since 2013.


Journalista is a London-based agency providing specialist communications support to public sector, academic and charitable organisations. Journalista is working with Blue Ventures to communicate the findings of our research and the impact of our field programmes to global audiences.


Mendeley is a free reference manager that helps people to organise their research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research. Mendeley provides Blue Ventures with a premium team package allowing us to share reference libraries across our programmes, thus supporting our aim to produce high quality reports and peer-reviewed journal articles.

Google Earth Outreach

Google Earth Outreach provides non-profit organisations with unparalleled knowledge and resources for visualising their cause and telling their story. Through their generous grants program, Blue Ventures is equipped with a suite of powerful mapping tools, including Google Earth Pro and Google Maps Engine.


Ashoka is a global organisation that identifies and invests in individuals with innovative and practical ideas for solving today’s social and environmental issues. Alasdair Harris, founder and executive director of Blue Ventures, became an Ashoka fellow in 2007, and to this day Ashoka provides strategic support for Blue Ventures, enabling us to scale the impact of our work.

Mulago Foundation

The Mulago Foundation looks for the best solutions to the biggest problems in the poorest countries. They are unabashedly obsessed with impact: measuring it, funding it, and scaling it up. Mulago has been working with Blue Ventures since 2012, supporting us to develop our strategy for driving the adoption of marine conservation models.

Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung is the exclusive supplier of diving equipment for Blue Ventures’ expeditions.

Year Out Group

Blue Ventures is a member of the Year Out Group, a non-profit association that helps young people to select suitable and worthwhile year out projects.

Healthy Reefs Initiative

The Healthy Reefs Initiative (HRI) is an international, multi-institutional effort that tracks the health of the Meso-American Reef, the human choices that shape it and our progress in ensuring its long-term integrity. Launched in 2004, Blue Ventures has been an official partner of HRI since 2012.

Centro Escolar México Junior College

Centro Escolar México Junior College (CEMJC) is a Belizean tertiary education institution in the Corozal District. Its mission is to provide opportunities for students from rural communities to engage in tertiary level applied sciences. Blue Ventures works with the Natural Resource Management class on survey techniques, data management, analysis, interpretation and reporting.

Southern Environmental Association

The Southern Environmental Association (SEA), based in Placencia, co-manages Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve and Laughing Bird Caye National Park. Together, Blue Ventures and SEA are tackling the lionfish invasion coordinating the annual Placencia Lionfish Tournament and monitoring lionfish populations to determine effective management strategies.


The Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development (SACD) is a community-based organisation dedicated to improving quality of life for communities in the Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (CBWS). Blue Ventures actively supports SACD’s educational, research and monitoring programmes.

Traditional Fisheries

Traditional Fisheries is the only commercial supplier of invasive lionfish in the world. Blue Ventures and Traditional Fisheries have been working with Belizean fishing cooperatives to develop export markets to the USA since 2011.


Placencia Producers’ Cooperative Society Limited (PPCSL) works to provide support for a sustainable and secure future for younger generations and local communities. Blue Ventures works with the PPCSL to establish and grow local and export markets for lionfish.

Save Our Seas Foundation

The Save Our Seas Foundation is supporting our work monitoring southwest Madagascar’s artisanal shark fishery using smart phone technology.

Rufford Foundation

The Rufford Foundation has supported our turtle research in southwest Madagascar.

Turtle Conservation Fund

The Turtle Conservation Fund has supported our spider tortoise monitoring programme in southwest Madagascar.

National Geographic Conservation Trust

The National Geographic Conservation Trust has supported our community-based shark and turtle monitoring programme along Madagascar’s west coast.

Madagascar Ministry of Health

Our community health programme is authorised and endorsed by the Ministère de la Santé Publique. We participate in quarterly coordination meetings which bring together Ministry of Health officials, local public health centre staff and various health agencies with the aim of exchanging information and harmonising service coverage.

Marie Stopes Madagascar

MSM is a leading reproductive health service provider in Madagascar, with mobile outreach teams based in regional offices including Toliara and Morondava. MSM offers long-acting reversible contraceptives in the Velondriake and Belo sur Mer areas for the Safidy programme, with Blue Ventures providing the education needed to support demand and uptake of this service.

Population Services International

PSI is a global leader in social marketin and community-based distribution of health products, and has been operating in Madagascar for over 15 years. PSI provided the initial training for our community-based distributors in the Velondriake area, and ensures a reliable supply chain for health products in both Velondriake and Belo sur Mer for the Safidy programme.


MAHEFA (Malagasy Healthy Families) is an initiative run by JSI and funded by USAID that seeks to improve access to high quality community-based health services. JSI / MAHEFA is partnering with Blue Ventures in the Belo sur Mer area to train our community-based distributors of contraceptives.

MacArthur Foundation

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has supported the Velondriake locally managed marine area (LMMA) since 2007, and is currently supporting all of our LMMAs in Madagascar in addition to the development of Madagascar’s national LMMA network.

Helmsley Charitable Trust

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust is supporting the uptake of locally led sustainable fisheries management in southwest Madagascar.

UNFPA Madagascar

UNFPA Madagascar has supported Blue Ventures’ community health programme in the Velondriake area since 2010, and recently enabled us to produce a short film about our integrated Population-Health-Environment (PHE) approach.

CHASE Africa

CHASE Africa’s projects combine mobile health clinics with environmental education and tree-planting. We support the development of their work and they are kindly providing us with funding to equip and train our community-based distributors of contraceptives to use smart phones for quality assurance and monitoring of health service delivery in Madagascar.

Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) informs people around the world about population, health and the environment, and empowers them to use that information to advance the well-being of current and future generations. Blue Ventures was recently featured in their multimedia presentation about Population-Health-Environment (PHE) programmes.

Duke Lemur Center

The Duke Lemur Center advances science and biological conservation through interdisciplinary research, community-based conservation and public outreach. Blue Ventures is delighted to be providing ongoing support and technical advice to the Duke Lemur Center as they respond to the needs of their partner communities.


Blue Ventures is a member of the Population and Sustainable Development Alliance (PSDA), which exists to raise awareness about the connections between population dynamics, reproductive health and rights, the environment and sustainable development.

Woodrow Wilson Center

The Woodrow Wilson Center is the United States’ key non-partisan policy forum for tackling global issues through independent research and open dialogue. Blue Ventures’ community health programme and integrated Population-Health-Environment (PHE) approach have been featured in the WWCs events, publications, videos and New Security Beat blog.

Indian Ocean Commission

The Indian Ocean Commission’s ReCoMap project supported the initial development of Blue Ventures’ community-based aquaculture work, with grants for sea cucumber in 2008 and seaweed in 2009.


CITE is a Malagasy NGO that runs business skills training workshops for Blue Ventures’ aquaculture farmers.

Indian Ocean Trepang

Indian Ocean Trepang is a key private sector partner for Blue Ventures’ aquaculture work, supplying juvenile sea cucumbers reared in their hatchery to be grown out in community managed pens.


Norgesvel has been supporting the development of community-based aquaculture in southwest Madagascar since 2010.


UNIMA is an aquaculture firm operating in Madagascar. Since 2012, UNIMA has provided logistical support to Blue Ventures for our ongoing blue forests initiatives in the Mahajamba Bay area.


The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) is dedicated to promoting the educational, scientific and technological development of all aspects of marine sciences, with an emphasis on sustaining the use and conservation of marine resources. WIOMSA funding was instrumental in helping to establish our blue forests programme in 2011-2012.


Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) are one of the world’s leading producers of GIS software, and provide Blue Ventures with extensive GIS support, including software licenses, through a conservation grant. This support enables the blue forests team to work with geospatial datasets.

Planet Action

Planet Action is a non-profit initiatve supporting projects related to climate change issues by providing geographic information, earth observation images and expertise. Planet Action and their affiliates have been supporting Blue Ventures through generous software and satellite imagery grants since 2012.

Honko Mangrove Conservation & Education

Honko is a Belgian charity working in partnership with coastal communities in southwest Madagascar to reverse the degradation and loss of mangrove forest ecosystems. Blue Ventures is providing technical advice to Honko as it seeks to develop a Plan Vivo project.

Mission Blue

Mission Blue are the curators of the Explore the Ocean layer, a collection of ocean-related stories viewable through Google Earth. Through our partnership with Mission Blue, Blue Ventures have now contributed over 20 bilingual stories to the Explore the Ocean layer.

Google Earth, Explore the Ocean

Travel to new depths with Ocean in Google Earth. Blue Ventures has donated data to this pioneering project, and is also a contributer to The Deepness.

Integrated Remote Sensing Studio

The Integrated Remote Sensing Studio (IRSS) at the University of British Colombia’s Faculty of Forestry is one of the leading remote sensing labs in Canada. It researches the use of remote sensing and geospatial information for forest productivity and conservation.

UNDP’s Global Environment Facility

UNDP’s Global Environment Facility (GEF) supports countries in addressing development, climate and ecosystem sustainability in an integrated manner. UNDP-GEF funding will help to advance our blue forests programme in Madagascar in 2014.

Waterloo Foundation

The Waterloo Foundation has supported Blue Ventures in the establishment of community-driven marine conservation initiatives along Madagsacar’s west coast since 2012.

Darwin Initiative

The Darwin Initiative, run the the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), assists countries that are rich in biodiversity but poor in financial resources to meet their biodiversity protection objectives. Darwin is supporting our work developing sustainable financing mechanisms to conserve mangrove biodiversity and alleviate poverty in Madagascar.

University of Antananarivo

The University of Antananarivo’s Department of Water and Forests in the Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (Département des Eaux et Forêts de l’Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques – ESSA) partners with Blue Ventures to collect and analyse data associated with the Madagascar’s vast and variable mangrove forests.

Madagascar Fisheries Surveillance Centre

Blue Ventures is working with the Fisheries Surveillance Centre (Centre de Surveillance des Peches – CSP) and local fisher associations to monitor industrial and illegal fishing within locally managed marine areas (LMMAs).

Shoals Rodrigues

Shoals Rodrigues is a non-governmental organisation that undertakes marine research, education and training activities in Rodrigues, using the integration of these disciplines to promote conservation and sustainable development. Blue Ventures supported Shoals Rodrigues to replicate our temporary fishery closure model for octopus in the Mauritian island of Rodrigues in 2011.


SmartFish has supported the production of an awareness-raising film about our temporary octopus fishery closure model.

UBC Fisheries Centre

Blue Ventures works with the University of British Colombia’s Fisheries Centre (Sea Around Us Project) to research the impacts of fisheries on the world’s marine ecosystems.

Too Big To Ignore

Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) is a global research network for small-scale fisheries. Blue Ventures collaborates with the network to enhance the understanding of the real contribution of small-scale fisheries to food security, nutrition, livelihoods, poverty alleviation, wealth generation and trade.


Azafady is a British-Malagasy NGO partnership that runs a variety of conservation, livelihoods and health projects in southeast Madagascar. Blue Ventures is supporting Azafady to replicate our temporary fishery closure model for spiny lobsters with the community of Sainte Luce. Please see this fisher exchange blog for more information.


Bioclimate is a Scottish charity that works to improve the lives of rural communities and the way they manage their natural and financial resources. Blue Ventures is providing Bioclimate with technical advice and community training to replicate our temporary fishery closure model for octopus with female fishers in northern Mozambique.

Marine Stewardship Council

Blue Ventures is partnering with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to work towards certifying the octopus fishery in the Toliara region of southwest Madagascar as being managed sustainably.


The UK Department for International Development (DFID) is supporting the uptake of locally led sustainable fisheries management in southwest Madagascar, with a particular focus on empowering local women to become more active in local management decision-making.


Copefrito is the principal seafood collection company in southwest Madagascar, and private sector partner for Blue Ventures’ sustainable fisheries management work.

LMMA network

The LMMA network collaborates with Blue Ventures to raise the profile of locally managed marine areas (LMMAs) at a global level. Blue Ventures and the LMMA network worked together to facilitate several events focused on LMMAs at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea, in 2012.

British Embassy in Madagascar

The British Embassy in Madagascar takes an active interest in Blue Ventures and is supporting our work developing a locally managed marine area in the Barren Isles which, at 4,290 square kilometres, is set to be the largest in the Western Indian Ocean.


Blue Ventures is a member of the Consortium for the Conservation of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO-C), which is a group of international and regional non-governmental and governmental organisations that are active in regional marine and coastal ecosystem management in the Western Indian Ocean.

Madagascar National Parks

Blue Ventures is collaborating with the Madagascar National Parks (MNP) service to support community-based marine conservation efforts around the Kirindy-Mitea national park near Belo sur Mer.

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a founding partner of the Velondriake LMMA, and collaborates with Blue Ventures on national and international LMMA networking.

Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

The Madagascar Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (Ministère de la Pêche et des Ressources Halieutiques – MPRH) works with Blue Ventures to support the local management of marine resources.

Madagascar Ministry of Environment

The Madagascar Ministry of Environment (Ministère de l’Environnement et des Forêts) works with Blue Ventures to support the local management of marine resources, including the Velondriake and Barren Isles locally managed marine areas.

Conservation International

Conservation International (CI) partners with Blue Ventures on national and international LMMA networking.


Blue Ventures is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


We are advising local NGO Dahari on the development of their community-based natural resource management and sustainable livelihood programmes in the Comoros.


Rare provided training, technical support and financing for two social marketing campaigns in the Velondriake locally managed marine area of southwest Madagascar in 2009-2011.

University of Toliara

Blue Ventures collaborates with the University of Toliara’s Institute of Fishery and Marine Sciences (Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines – IHSM) to conduct marine research, develop conservation strategies and deliver support for locally managed marine areas (LMMAs).

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