Advancing Madagascar’s bold blue vision for marine protection

Advancing Madagascar’s bold blue vision for marine protection

The implementation of an exclusive fishing zone for Madagascar’s small-scale fishers was the subject of a meeting between the Minister of Fisheries and staff from the MIHARI Network and Blue Ventures.

The landmark meeting at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Antananarivo on 19th July 2018 began with a speech from Mr Hermany Emoantra, the National President of the MIHARI Network. Speaking on behalf of Madagascar’s small-scale fishing communities, Mr Emoantra described the many challenges they face and emphasised the need for a legally protected coastal strip free from competition with industrial vessels.

In response, the recently appointed Minister of Fisheries pledged to support the drafting of two decrees over the coming weeks, the first for the implementation of the exclusive fishing zone (EFZ), and the second for the creation of a steering committee to drive the process forward. In a statement to MIHARI, the Minister said:

“This bill will achieve more equitable and efficient regulation of fishing areas, on a social, economic and environmental level.”

The EFZ would provide Madagascar’s small-scale fishers with safer, more secure fishing grounds. Importantly, it would give them the opportunity to manage their fisheries more sustainably. Greatly encouraged by the Minister’s declaration and his strong desire for action, the Blue Ventures team will provide every support to MIHARI and the Ministry to establish the EFZ in the months ahead.

Read the news story in full: Advancing Madagascar’s bold blue vision for marine protection (also available in French)

Watch this video for more information on the need for an exclusive fishing zone in Madagascar


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