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Rebuilding Fisheries


Mongabay: An export boom threatens to put Madagascar’s mud crabs in hot water

An article on Mongabay, authored by Malavika Vyawahare, covers a recent decision by the Malagasy government to grant permits to export live mud crabs to five Chinese companies, which has sparked controversy and highlighted the country’s struggle to sustainably manage an overexploited fishery. In Madagascar, mud crabs provide both a source of food and income ...

Blog: Our ongoing journey: exploring the challenges and lessons learned about community engagement in conservation

Sharing learning on community engagement in conservation in Tsimipaika Bay Read the full post: Our ongoing journey: exploring the challenges and lessons learned about community engagement in conservation

New research: First scientific evidence of overfishing in Madagascar’s small-scale fisheries

Newly published research by Blue Ventures provides the first robust scientific evidence that overfishing is taking place in small-scale fisheries in Madagascar.  The two year study conducted in collaboration with the University of Exeter and Louvain Cooperation, is based on data collected by members of fishing communities from the island’s western Menabe region and published ...

New research: Community conservation means more fish in the sea

New research published this week has shown that community-led marine conservation can increase the size of fish populations − a critical objective for conservationists working to protect coral reefs. The study, published this week in the journal Ocean and Coastal Management, analysed data collected from five community-managed reserves (areas permanently protected from fishing) within the ...

Mongabay: COVID underscores the urgency of holistic community-based approaches to conservation

This article was first published as a commentary on Mongabay on April 22nd 2020 Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on vulnerable communities in the Global South go far beyond the looming public health emergency.  The broader economic and environmental ramifications are of profound importance to biodiversity conservation. How the conservation movement responds will determine our relevance ...

Samudra: Their decision, not ours

An article has been published in Samudra, the triannual journal of the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF), celebrating the achievements of the Darawa community in Indonesia, who successfully reopened their first temporary octopus fishery closure in 2018 and have since taken a community-led approach to managing their octopus fisheries. The Darawa community, located ...

Growing places

Learn how embracing the power of partnerships and networks can help an idea go global. In 2003, one successful fishery closure in Madagascar inspired a new approach to catalysing community-led marine conservation. This is the story of how working with local partner organisations and learning networks enabled that approach to reach nearly 500,000 people across ...

Blog: Sun, sea and… fisheries data analysis?

Supporting coastal communities in the Comoros with data literacy Read the full post: Sun, sea and… fisheries data analysis?

Hakai Magazine: Chasing the Far, Far Away Fish

Garth Cripps, an independent photojournalist based in Madagascar, has spent many years documenting the unprecedented environmental changes that coastal people in the tropics are living through, and the impacts these are having on their lives. In this thought-provoking and beautiful photo story, published in Hakai Magazine, Cripps focuses on the migrations of Vezo fishers from ...

Blog: Every voice counts: a participatory approach to periodic fishery closures

Community-collected data inspires fishers in the Barren Isles archipelago to adapt their management strategy Read the full post: Every voice counts: a participatory approach to periodic fishery closures
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