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Save Our Seas: Feeling the heat

Save Our Seas: Feeling the heat

In a news piece for the Save our Seas Foundation, Dr Ruth Leeney discusses coral bleaching and how organisations working in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) are working together to collect and record reef data for better coral conservation in the region. 

The article references Blue Ventures’ reef monitoring efforts in Madagascar, where both community members and visiting volunteers have collected data on coral bleaching, reef health and biodiversity since 2010, contributing to Kenyan NGO, CORDIO’s, WIO Coral Bleaching Alert and Reporting System

Leeney interviews Abigail Leadbeater, Blue Ventures’ Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, who notes:

“We have been fortunate so far – our reefs have recovered well, even after the serious bleaching event in 2016. But it’s worrying that these events may be occurring with increasing frequency, leaving less time in between for reefs to recover”

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