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Ashoka: Thinking differently: ideas for action on planet & climate

As an Ashoka Fellow, Blue Ventures’ Executive Director Alasdair Harris recently contributed to Ashoka’s new report, ‘Thinking differently: ideas for action on planet & climate’. The report draws together insights from Ashoka Fellows working in environmental and climate innovation, identifying patterns between their diverse approaches.  Featuring more than 20 in-depth interviews, the report points to ...

WIOMSA: The quest for sustainable charcoal

In Ambanja, northwest Madagascar, communities are protecting their mangrove forests by producing an alternative and sustainable source of charcoal – brown salwood trees (known as Acacia mangium). In the area, mangroves are illegally and unsustainably cut to produce charcoal, mainly used for cooking. Hanjara Rabemanantsoa, Blue Ventures’ mangroves coordinator in Tsimipaika Bay, shares the journey ...

Walton Family Foundation: Women are becoming agents of change in Indonesian fisheries

In a blog co-authored by Heather D’Agnes, Senior Programme Officer of the Environment Programme at the Walton Family Foundation and Roosa Sibarani, Outreach Programmes Manager at Blue Ventures, readers have the opportunity to learn about the role of women in Indonesia’s artisanal fisheries.  On Darawa Island, where Blue Ventures’ partner organisation FORKANI support the community ...

Reef Resilience Network: Developing community-based sea cucumber farms in Madagascar

Hery Lova Razafimamonjiraibe – Blue Ventures National Technical Advisor for Livelihoods in Madagascar – led a webinar hosted by Reef Resilience Network about Madagascar’s community-based sea cucumber farms.  Hery, who is based in Antananarivo, has nearly a decade of experience in the community conservation space. He presented an overview of how Blue Ventures’ community-based aquaculture ...

Devex: A multisectoral approach can bolster resilience for people and planet

In an opinion piece for Devex, Dr Vik Mohan, Blue Ventures’ Director of Community Health shares personal insights gleaned from supporting Blue Ventures' holistic approach to tackling environmental degradation. By integrating community health and wellbeing into its marine conservation programmes, Dr Mohan highlights how Blue Ventures is building the socio-ecological resilience of coastal communities most ...

Forbes: Traditional Fishers – The Unsung Heroes Of Ocean Conservation

In an interview for Forbes facilitated by Ashoka’s Pip Wheaton, Blue Ventures’ Executive Director, Alasdair Harris, discusses Blue Ventures' rights-based approach to marine conservation, one that celebrates the communities who live on the frontlines of the climate crisis and empowers them to take conservation into their own hands. Through the use of data and community ...

Mongabay: Transforming conservation in times of crisis and opportunity

A newly published article in Mongabay explores the potential for a more resilient, diverse, and effective conservation movement that is able to step up to the challenges of the pandemic and the global biodiversity crisis.  The piece is co-authored by Fred Nelson (Maliasili), Alasdair Harris (Blue Ventures), Leela Hazzah (Lion Guardians) and Lúcia G. Lohmann ...

Kenya Star: Supporting marine conservation leadership in East Africa

In Watamu, Kenya, a community-based marine conservation organisation, Local Ocean Conservation (LOC) is collaborating with local fishers to rescue and protect Kenya’s turtle species, including green, hawksbill and olive ridleys. To support their mission, two of LOC’s dedicated team members have been welcomed onto the African Marine Conservation Leadership Programme, facilitated by African conservation leadership ...

The Conversation: New mangrove forest mapping tool puts conservation in reach of coastal communities

In an article for The Conversation, Trevor Jones (Adjunct Professor of Forest Resources Management and MGEM Program Advisor, University of British Columbia, and Geospatial & Blue Forests Science Advisor, Blue Ventures) describes Blue Ventures’ recent involvement in developing a mangrove mapping tool – the Google Earth Engine Mangrove Mapping Methodology (GEEMMM) – which enables coastal ...

WIOMSA: Supporting conservation leaders to accelerate community-led marine conservation in the Western Indian Ocean

In an article in WIOMSA’s most recent newsbrief, Blue Ventures outlines the African Marine Conservation Leadership Programme (AMCLP), which is being collaboratively facilitated by Blue Ventures and our partner, Maliasili. The AMCLP works to bolster the skills and expertise of organisational leaders across the Western Indian Ocean, accelerating community-led marine conservation efforts and supporting communities ...
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