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Le Point: Sea cucumbers: a natural treasure in the West Indian Ocean

In a recent article in Le Point, journalist Sylvie Rantrua explores an unusual yet valuable commodity that is improving the lives of coastal communities in the West Indian Ocean (WIO) – the sea cucumber. Once they have been brushed and dried (to become ‘trepang’) sea cucumbers are exported and sold at a high price, particularly on the ...

BBC Two: Earth’s Tropical Islands series explores Vezo culture

In January 2020, the BBC aired Earth’s Tropical Islands – a three-part documentary series that explores Madagascar, Borneo and Hawaii, as three of the world's most isolated and iconic tropical islands. Alongside the three main episodes, the production team also put together a set of short clips which are available online, showcasing some of the ...

One Earth: Blue Forests: protecting mangroves with coastal communities

Blue Ventures' founder Alasdair Harris has written a blog for One Earth about Blue Ventures' work protecting mangroves. In this blog he describes the importance of mangroves to people and the planet, the drivers and effects of mangrove loss, and our scaleable natural climate solution that delivers meaningful benefits to coastal communities. Mangrove forests sustain ...

SSIR: Big enough. Simple enough. Cheap enough.

In his latest piece for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Kevin Starr of the Mulago Foundation walks through a process that can help innovators scale their ideas and have the most impact. Our problems are big. Our resources are finite. The clock is ticking. An incremental, project-by-project approach won’t cut it. We need ideas that ...

Oceanographic: Kokoly: fishing for a future

Garth Cripps, independent photojournalist and director of the short film Kokoly, has written for Oceanographic magazine. Cripps describes the daily challenges facing the world's small-scale fishing communities, and the huge but largely unrecognised role that fisherwomen play. He then tells the story of his journeys in southwest Madagascar with Paul Antion, Blue Ventures' outreach manager. ...

Hakai Magazine: Chasing the Far, Far Away Fish

Garth Cripps, an independent photojournalist based in Madagascar, has spent many years documenting the unprecedented environmental changes that coastal people in the tropics are living through, and the impacts these are having on their lives. In this thought-provoking and beautiful photo story, published in Hakai Magazine, Cripps focuses on the migrations of Vezo fishers from ...

Skoll: Pioneering Mangrove Conservation Project Providing Decades of Income for Coastal Communities

Blue Ventures' mangrove technical lead, Leah Glass, was interviewed by the Skoll Foundation about the launch of the world's largest mangrove carbon conservation project – Tahiry Honko. In a remote corner of southwest Madagascar last month, local communities launched the world’s largest mangrove carbon conservation project, sequestering a huge amount of carbon and securing an ...

Conservation Careers: How to find the best opportunity for you

Our marine conservation expeditions have been featured in the latest guide from Conservation Careers on internships and volunteering. Read the guide: Conservation Internships and Volunteering | How to find the best opportunity for you Read more from Conservation Careers with their ultimate guide for conservation job seekers  

BBC News: The Madagascar Farmers Trying to Save Sea Cucumbers

Tommy Trenchard, an award-winning British photojournalist, visited Tampolove, Madagascar, in 2018 to document the work of the local sea cucumber farmers. In much of the Far East, sea cucumbers are a delicacy, fetching a high price for their purported health benefits. In Tampolove, a tiny windswept village of huts and sandy paths squeezed between the ...

Global Health Alliance: From Townsville to Tuvalu

In a recent report from Global Health Alliance Australia covering health and climate change in the Australia and Asia Pacific regions, Blue Ventures' partnership with Marie Stopes Timor-Leste is used as a case study to illustrate effective health-environment integration. The integrated programming – which focused on health, conservation, alternative livelihoods, and empowering women and communities ...
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