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BBC: Timor-Leste: a young nation reviving ancient laws

BBC: Timor-Leste: a young nation reviving ancient laws

A new article from BBC travel explores the life of small-scale fishers and coastal communities on Atauro Island, Timor-Leste (also called East Timor).

Timor-Leste has some of the most significant marine resources in the world. Local communities are using traditional Timorese resource management laws, known as Tara Bandu, to preserve and protect their ecosystems. Community members like Estevao Marques, who features throughout the piece, are also establishing their own homestay businesses as alternative livelihoods to fishing, with support from Blue Ventures.

Blue Ventures’ community-based conservation efforts in the country are noted throughout, featuring input from country manager, Birgit Hermann, who presents our data-led approach: 

“We help to put data in the hands of fishers so that they can enact their own approaches to marine protection and fisheries management, such as temporary and permanent coral reef closures.”

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Photo: Laetitia Clément


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