Thomson Reuters Foundation: Living with the ocean

The Thomson Reuters Foundation have produced a film following their visit to southwest Madagascar in 2018. 90% of global fish stocks are either overfished or fully fished, and the film begins by interviewing Vezo fishers whose livelihoods depend on their marine ecosystems. "These days fishing is not enough to live off. Things are changing and ...

Girls That Scuba: Marine Conservation Programmes

Blue Ventures' marine conservation expeditions feature in a blog from the Girls That Scuba community profiling the three best diving experiences within a marine conservation project. Blue Ventures develops community-led conservation projects in areas where local people rely on the ocean for their livelihoods. They provide volunteer programmes in Madagascar, Belize and Timor-Leste that contribute directly ...

Mongabay: Will Madagascar’s industrial shrimp trawlers make way for local fishers?

Shrimp is one of Madagascar’s most lucrative exports, but local fishers and environmental groups say shrimp trawlers are harming the country’s marine environment and leaving too few fish in the sea for the fishing communities that depend on them. Until now, relatively little has been done to address the issue, but there are small signs ...

The Economist: Can conservation save our ocean?

The Velondriake locally managed marine area (LMMA) in southwest Madagascar was featured in a short film from The Economist, which debuted on 8 March at the World Ocean Summit. Since 2012, The Economist has hosted the World Ocean Summit, leveraging their convening power and reputation for quality, objective journalism to bridge the sometimes dissonant perspectives of ...

TEDxDili: Small island, big picture

Jenny House, our Conservation Officer in Timor-Leste, spoke at TEDxDili in July 2017, and her talk is now available to watch online. During her talk Jenny shares her experience of living and working on the beautiful Ataúro Island, where she has helped train community members and international volunteers to collect and use data vital to ...

Resurgence & Ecologist: The role of reproductive health and rights in conservation

David Johnson and Carina Hirsch of Resurgence & Ecologist tell the story of Irene, a resident of Tampolove village in remote southwest Madagascar, and of Blue Ventures' decision to start offering family planning services. Irene was still at school when she had her son. With little to no access to health care, she would have ...

Global Aquaculture Alliance: Sea cucumber project redefining traditional farming in Madagascar

During her time as a Blue Ventures volunteer, Amanda Millin visited the village of Tampolove in southwest Madagascar. Whilst there, she gained first-hand experience of the community aquaculture programme, and helped in the building of sea cucumber pens. Since returning from her expedition, Amanda has written a piece for Global Aquaculture Alliance about how this ...

Mongabay: Fish vs. forests? Madagascar’s marine conservation boom

The fifth story of Mongabay's multi-part series "Conservation in Madagascar" focuses on the success of locally controlled fisheries projects over the last 15 years, including the seasonal or partial closure approach pioneered in 2003 by Blue Ventures. "The partnership between Blue Ventures and Vezo communities led to the first of Madagascar’s Locally Managed Marine Areas, ...

The Nature Conservancy: Natural Climate Solutions

The Nature Conservancy published a new paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, "Natural climate solutions" which calculates the scientific and economic potential for global lands - forest, grasslands, agricultural lands and wetlands to serve as a solution to climate change. It also finds that better land stewardship could have a bigger role in fighting ...

Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle: What’s on the menu? Lionfish!

Blue Ventures recently partnered with a well known Belize City restaurant, Nerie’s, to host a three course lionfish dinner with the purpose of promoting Belize's nascent 'lionfishery' and two lionfish jewellery businesses Kaj Expressions and Belioness - Belize Lionfish Jewelry. Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle reported on this event, also explaining the negative impact of Belize's invasive ...
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