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Save Our Seas: Feeling the heat

In a news piece for the Save our Seas Foundation, Dr Ruth Leeney discusses coral bleaching and how organisations working in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) are working together to collect and record reef data for better coral conservation in the region.  The article references Blue Ventures’ reef monitoring efforts in Madagascar, where both community ...

Mongabay: Supporting fisher communities to adapt to the new normal

In an article on Mongabay Indonesia, Nisa Syahidah explores how community-based organisations in Indonesia are supporting fisher communities to adapt to the new normal, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. English translation: Supporting fisher communities towards the new normal Unu Asumbo counted the rupiah in his hand. He’d just sold his catch through FishFresh, an ...

IUCN: Nature’s superheroes in the fight against climate change

In a visually engaging new webpage produced by the IUCN, Blue Ventures’ community-led mangrove carbon project, Tahiry Honko, is featured as one of ten key projects developing sustainable coastal management to improve climate adaptation and seize sustainable carbon mitigation opportunities. Mangroves, along with tidal marshes and seagrasses, play a significant role as carbon sinks in ...

MPA News: Funding MPAs by selling blue carbon credits: Practitioners from the first projects describe their experience so far

In an article from MPA News, the role of blue carbon in funding marine conservation initiatives around the world is highlighted, featuring two mangrove restoration projects that are forging a path for blue carbon finance.  Our efforts in Tahiry Honko, the world’s largest mangrove carbon conservation project based in southwest Madagascar, are referenced as an ...

The Fish Site: Five potential game-changers for EU aquaculture

In an article from The Fish Site exploring potential new avenues for the European Union’s (EU) aquaculture sector, Blue Ventures’ ten year experience farming sea cucumbers in Madagascar is referenced. While sea cucumber farming has not yet been developed in European waters, native sea cucumber species are listed amongst groupers, amberjack, mullets and seaweed, as ...

Cartier Philanthropy: Navigating the storms

In issue eight of Cartier Philanthropy’s Upside blog, they highlight how we’re navigating the storms of the COVID-19 pandemic through our holistic approach to livelihood diversification, healthcare and marine conservation. The blog outlines five ways in which we’re working to respond to the crisis in order to bolster the resilience of the communities that we ...

Mongabay: Risking death and arrest, Madagascar fishers chase dwindling sea cucumbers

In Mongabay’s recent article, Chris Scarffe, explores the increasing global demand for sea cucumbers, which in turn, is making small-scale fishers in Madagascar resort to risking death and arrest to fish for wild sea cucumbers in the West Indian Ocean. In one of the world’s poorest countries, diving deeper and further into the ocean using ...

Mongabay: An export boom threatens to put Madagascar’s mud crabs in hot water

An article on Mongabay, authored by Malavika Vyawahare, covers a recent decision by the Malagasy government to grant permits to export live mud crabs to five Chinese companies, which has sparked controversy and highlighted the country’s struggle to sustainably manage an overexploited fishery. In Madagascar, mud crabs provide both a source of food and income ...

Mongabay: Evidence that fish flourish in a community-managed marine area offers hope

Blue Ventures’ latest research, which shows that community-led marine conservation leads to more fish in the sea, has been featured by Mongabay in an article written by Malavika Vyawahare.  The study, carried out by Blue Ventures’ staff and volunteers across five no take zones in the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA), found that conservation ...

Reef Resilience Network: Farmers of the Sea

In a study recently published by the Reef Resilience Network, Hery Razafimamonjiraibe, Blue Ventures’ National Aquaculture Programme Lead in Madagascar, outlines our sea cucumber farming initiatives in Tampolove and Ambolimoke in southwest Madagascar, and discusses the successes and key lessons learned. In partnership with Indian Ocean Trepang (IOT) and The Royal Norwegian Society for Development ...
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