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Madagascar’s first fisheries improvement project makes a splash

The launch of a new action plan for the octopus fishery of southwest Madagascar was covered across international seafood media. Fishers, seafood buyers, conservationists, researchers and policy makers gathered in Toliara on 16 January to launch a fisheries improvement project (FIP) that sets out an ambitious vision for improving the sustainability of one of Madagascar’s ...

Lionfish management hits the headlines in Belize

The launch of a new lionfish management strategy for Belize on 21 February was covered nationally in The San Pedro Sun and Breaking Belize News. The strategy, developed by Blue Ventures and the Belize Fisheries Department, describes how to design and implement an integrated approach to lionfish management. Drawing on almost a decade of research ...

Beltraide: Transforming threats to treasure

Cecilia Guerrero, Blue Ventures' Conservation Coordinator in Belize, recently wrote for Beltraide's magazine, Invest Belize, about the the Belize Lionfish Jewellery Group. Beltraide is a government body that “enhances Belize’s prosperity by fostering investor confidence, entrepreneurship, business growth and innovation.” Members of the Belize Lionfish Jewellery Group, Belioness, have participated in a number of training programmes ...

PRB: Safidy can improve family planning outcomes by using HIPs

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) has released a web feature and short film about Blue Ventures' community health programme – known in Madagascar as Safidy, the Malagasy word for 'choice'. This programme supports the ability of all people to freely choose the number and spacing of their births, and aligns with three of PRB's High Impact Practices (HIPs) ...

Skoll: Festivals Around the World Screened Skoll Awardee Films in 2018

In 2018, Skoll elevated and amplified the stories of Skoll awardees, including Blue Ventures, in more than 50 cities and 11 countries, showing audiences all over the world that change is possible. Our film BLUE VENTURES, featuring Blue Ventures’ work to nurture and sustain locally-led marine conservation was a finalist in the 2018 Audience Awards Ocean Film Challenge, ...

Conservation Careers Podcast: Dr Alasdair Harris | Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures' Executive Director, Alasdair Harris, was recently interviewed by Nick Askew on the Conservation Careers podcast. If you’re interested in wildlife conservation and concerned about the loss of species from this little planet of ours, then you’ve probably heard of a term called community-based conservation. But what is it? And how can wildlife conservation ...

MacArthur Foundation: Building a Movement to Represent Madagascar’s Small-Scale Fishing Communities

In an interview with the MacArthur Foundation, the National Coordinator of the MIHARI Network, Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy, tells the story of MIHARI's foundation and growth. Founded in 2012, the MIHARI Network represents the voices of Madagascar’s small-scale fishers and promotes the equitable and sustainable management of marine resources through locally managed marine areas, or LMMAs. In 2014, MacArthur ...

IPNLF: The Value of Small-Scale Fisheries

A collaborative film produced by IPNLF, Asosiasi Perikanan Pole & Line dan Handline, Masyarakat Perikanan dan Indonesia, and Blue Ventures highlights why small-scale fisheries should be prioritised in global supply chains, with seafood businesses supporting and nurturing these fisheries in order to enhance contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read the full story ...

Geographical: The modern explorer

In a piece published in The Royal Geographical Society's magazine, Katie Willis – the Society’s vice president for expeditions and field research – looks to international collaboration as the key to successful expeditions and field research for any 21st century venture. Blue Ventures' founder Dr Alasdair Harris organised research expeditions in Madagascar as an undergraduate ...

Midi Madagasikara: Restauration de mangroves

Le journal malgache Midi Madagasikara a couvert le travail de Blue Ventures consistant à replanter des mangroves à Ambalahonko dans le district d’Ambanja. Une grande campagne de reboisement de mangroves est lancée dans la Commune rurale d’Ambalahonko, district Ambanja par le ministère des Ressources Halieutiques et de la pêche, en collaboration avec Blue Ventures et ...
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