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China Dialogue: How protected are protected areas?

China Dialogue: How protected are protected areas?

In a recent article for China Dialogue, environmental journalist Catherine Early discusses the global plans to protect more of the Earth with protected areas and explores whether there should be a focus on quality over quantity. 

After sharing a number of examples of existing protected areas and their varying successes, Catherine emphasises the need for involving local communities and Indigenous peoples in protected area management. Steve Rocliffe, senior technical advisor at Blue Ventures, adds to the debate, noting that, “getting communities onside and working with them over the long term takes a lot of time” and that community-led conservation initiatives are typically constrained by the demands of short funding cycles.

Both Steve and Catherine refer to global biodiversity targets and discuss whether human rights will truly be incorporated into decision making.

“There’s a lot of scepticism from human rights activists that 30 x 30 will be anything more than a land grab that disadvantages marginalised communities. I think we can do it, but the devil will be in the detail and that’s not going to come for a while yet.” – Steve Rocliffe

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