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WIOMSA: Unleashing Madagascar’s community-led mangrove restoration movement

WIOMSA: Unleashing Madagascar’s community-led mangrove restoration movement

In an article for WIOMSA’s most recent issue of their magazine, People & the Environment, Lalao Aigrette, Blue Ventures’ National Blue Forests Programme Lead in Madagascar, shares her experiences of working with coastal communities on the west coast of Madagascar as part of Blue Ventures’ Blue Forests programme.

Through the work communities take a leading role in conserving the mangrove ecosystems that they rely on for food security and livelihoods. In the article, Lalao describes this participatory approach and explains why it is so crucial for creating effective conservation solutions that put the needs of communities first, using the positive impact this approach has had in the mangrove forests of the Bay of Assassins, southwest Madagascar, as an example.

Go to page 30 of People & the Environment (Issue 11) to read the full article

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