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The Fish Site: Five potential game-changers for EU aquaculture

The Fish Site: Five potential game-changers for EU aquaculture

In an article from The Fish Site exploring potential new avenues for the European Union’s (EU) aquaculture sector, Blue Ventures’ ten year experience farming sea cucumbers in Madagascar is referenced.

While sea cucumber farming has not yet been developed in European waters, native sea cucumber species are listed amongst groupers, amberjack, mullets and seaweed, as one of five candidates which could help to diversify and revitalise the EU’s aquaculture sector, whilst introducing more sustainable products. 

By working with commercial aquaculture partners, such as IOT and Ocean Farmers, to develop community-led aquaculture as an alternative livelihood option for small-scale fishers in Madagascar, we are working to empower coastal communities to not only earn an income away from fishing, but to do so in a way that enables them to sustainably manage their fisheries and protect the marine environments on which they depend. 

Learn more about sea cucumber and seaweed farming in our recent blog ‘The ambitious challenge of community-led aquaculture’

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