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Blue Ventures is nominated as a finalist for the Food Planet Prize 2020

Blue Ventures is nominated as a finalist for the Food Planet Prize 2020

Blue Ventures’ commitment to addressing food insecurity and restoring biodiversity has been recognised as we are selected as one of nine finalists for this year’s Food Planet Prize.

The accolade commends organisations and initiatives that represent some of the many ways we have to address the Food Planet challenge: feeding a growing world population without pushing the planet and its biosphere to their limits. 

The ocean is no exception. As the global population grows, and hunger along with it, many turn to fishing for subsistence. This increased demand on the ocean’s natural resources is exacerbated by large-scale industrialised fishing fleets which trawl worldwide to meet the global demand for seafood. As a result fisheries and marine biodiversity is in rapid decline; marginalised coastal communities who rely on fishing to survive are at increased risk of going hungry if this trend continues.

By rebuilding local fisheries with coastal communities, Blue Ventures is working to break this trend through community-led conservation efforts that respond to the needs of the people who are living on the frontline of the climate and food security crisis. 

Our holistic approach includes enabling small-scale fishers to secure rights to their fisheries, facilitating community-based fisheries management to establish locally managed marine reserves, developing alternative livelihoods such as aquaculture businesses, as well as training improved fish preservation techniques like hot smoking to improve quality and returns.

For this year’s Food Planet prize, we are proud to be amongst nine innovative and bold initiatives that share our belief in the need to address food security and restore biodiversity to sustainably protect our global community and the planet we live on.

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