Thomson Reuters Foundation: Living with the ocean

The Thomson Reuters Foundation have produced a film following their visit to southwest Madagascar in 2018. 90% of global fish stocks are either overfished or fully fished, and the film begins by interviewing Vezo fishers whose livelihoods depend on their marine ecosystems. "These days fishing is not enough to live off. Things are changing and ...

Sea cucumber stocking in Tampolove

Tampolove is a coastal village in the Bay of Assassins, southwest Madagascar, and part of the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area. The livelihoods and food security of the Tampolove community rely on their marine resources, which are facing unprecedented pressures from overfishing and climate change. In 2009 Blue Ventures supported the Tampolove community to establish ...

Blog: An aquaculture adventure: visiting Tampolove’s sea cucumber farms

A group of Blue Ventures volunteers recently visited the village of Tampolove in southwest Madagascar to learn about the sustainable aquaculture initiatives there. Read the full post: An aquaculture adventure: visiting Tampolove’s sea cucumber farms

Global Aquaculture Alliance: Sea cucumber project redefining traditional farming in Madagascar

During her time as a Blue Ventures volunteer, Amanda Millin visited the village of Tampolove in southwest Madagascar. Whilst there, she gained first-hand experience of the community aquaculture programme, and helped in the building of sea cucumber pens. Since returning from her expedition, Amanda has written a piece for Global Aquaculture Alliance about how this ...

DW: Madagascar: No more fish? We’ll farm seaweed instead

DW recently published a piece about the impacts of declining fish stocks and climate change on coastal communities in Madagascar, and the alternative livelihoods that these communities are turning to as fishing becomes unsustainable. In Tampolove, a small village in the south of Madagascar, where people's diet consists mainly of fish and rice, fishers have started farming ...

Blog: Mama Bevata: Tampolove’s new security watchtower

Sea cucumber farmers in Tampolove are now protected by a state of the art watchtower designed to deter potential thieves from making off with valuable stock. Read the full post: Mama Bevata: Tampolove's new security watchtower

Annonce de Bourses Roger Samba and J. Paul Getty – 2017-2018

Annonce de Bourses Roger Samba and J. Paul Getty Année Universitaire 2017-2018 Les Bourses Roger Samba et J. Paul Getty appuient la formation académique des conversationnistes à Madagascar pour une large gamme de disciplines pour qu'ils puissent acquérir les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour gérer les ressources naturelles marines de leur pays dans des ...

Blog: Dingadigana: An alternative livelihood opportunity in Northwest Madagascar

As fisheries face unprecedented pressures, coastal communities are looking for economic opportunities beyond fishing. The villages of Ambiky and Ambolobozo have responded with an innovative and promising new aquaculture project: sea cucumber farming. Read the full post: Dingadigana: An alternative livelihood opportunity in Northwest Madagascar

Blog: Celebrating the mission that unites us

Eighty-four members of our team from all of Blue Ventures’ offices and field programmes in Madagascar attended, along with representatives from our London office and our newest colleague from our evolving partnership project in Comoros met in Andavadoaka, Madagascar for our sixth annual conference. Alongside three days of discussions and workshops to define the collective ...

Crossing the Indo-Pacific for marine conservation

Tonga soa, bienvenue, bienvenida, welcome! Late August saw the arrival in Madagascar of some very special visitors. A group of Mexican fishermen traveled more than 17,500 kilometres to have a conversation with their local counterparts about octopus.  Their destination: a community-run marine conservation initiative on the Mozambique Channel, where local fishers have been managing their ...
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