Sharing learning across the sea: new Kenyan partners visit Madagascar

Learning exchange programmes have proven a highly effective way of engaging fishing communities and partner organisations in peer-to-peer learning, to energise and inspire those wishing to share knowledge and expertise in fisheries management and marine conservation. In April 2018 seven representatives from northern Kenya, from TNC Kenya, the Northern Rangelands Trust and the Pate Marine ...

New research: The expansion of Madagascar’s protected area network

Between 2003 and 2016, Madagascar’s protected area coverage quadrupled. Such unprecedented growth brought great hope, some notable successes and a host of new challenges for the island’s conservation community. Co-authored by Charlie Gardner from the University of Kent and other practitioners involved in the evolution of the island’s protected area system, including Blue Ventures’ Executive ...

Thalassa: Chasseur de poulpe à Madagascar

Thalassa est une émission de télévision française, présentée par Fanny Agostini, qui couvre des découvertes, des enquêtes et des reportages sur le monde maritime. Dans un reportage exclusif en ligne intitulé "Chasseur de poulpe à Madagascar," Thalassa a relaté les travaux de Blue Ventures dans le LMMA Velondriake au sud-ouest de Madagascar. Regardez le rapport ...

Blog: Is this thing on?

Lights, camera, action: behind the scenes of Participatory Video training in Madagascar Read the full post: Is this thing on?

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Living with the ocean

The Thomson Reuters Foundation have produced a film following their visit to southwest Madagascar in 2018. 90% of global fish stocks are either overfished or fully fished, and the film begins by interviewing Vezo fishers whose livelihoods depend on their marine ecosystems. "These days fishing is not enough to live off. Things are changing and ...

Blog: A year’s progress for community led conservation in the Comoros

Sarah Freed reviews the highlights of 2017, a year of learning, partnership and preparation. Read the full post: A year's progress for community led conservation in the Comoros

The Economist: Can conservation save our ocean?

The Velondriake locally managed marine area (LMMA) in southwest Madagascar was featured in a short film from The Economist, which debuted on 8 March at the World Ocean Summit. Since 2012, The Economist has hosted the World Ocean Summit, leveraging their convening power and reputation for quality, objective journalism to bridge the sometimes dissonant perspectives of ...

TEDxDili: Small island, big picture

Jenny House, our Conservation Officer in Timor-Leste, spoke at TEDxDili in July 2017, and her talk is now available to watch online. During her talk Jenny shares her experience of living and working on the beautiful Ataúro Island, where she has helped train community members and international volunteers to collect and use data vital to ...

Blog: Collaborating to save seagrass: communities in Timor-Leste embrace a new opportunity for conservation

A community-based seagrass monitoring programme has been established to empower the residents of Ataúro Island to protect one of their most vital marine ecosystems. Read the full post: Collaborating to save seagrass: communities in Timor-Leste embrace a new opportunity for conservation

Celebrating 3,000 days of coral reef protection in the Agnorondriake reserve

Saturday the 2nd of December 2017 marks an important milestone for the coastal communities within the Velondriake locally managed marine area (LMMA) in southwest Madagascar. It is exactly 3,000 days since the creation of Agnorondriake, the first community-based no-take zone (NTZ) within the LMMA and a significant step towards protecting the region’s marine resources for ...
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