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Blue Ventures becomes a 100% AWARE Partner with Project AWARE®

Blue Ventures is now a ‘100% AWARE Partner’ with Project AWARE, a fellow global non-profit organisation which empowers thousands of ocean adventurers around the world to work together for a clean, healthy and abundant ocean. As a 100% AWARE Partner, Blue Ventures is committed to making a donation towards ocean protection on behalf of every ...

Blog: An unforgettable medical elective

Nick spent four weeks in Timor-Leste diving the most biodiverse reefs in the world and helping his fellow volunteers stay in good health Read the full post: An unforgettable medical elective

WCN: Ethical ecotourism is good for conservation

Blue Ventures is included in a list of ethical conservation-focused ecotourism providers in a piece by the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN). The following WCN Conservation Partners and organisations in WCN’s extended network offer ecotourism opportunities: - Blue Ventures hosts a range of marine conservation expeditions and is developing community-based homestays. Read the full piece from WCN: Ethical ...

The World Bank: Meet the innovator battling plastic waste in Timor-Leste

For World Oceans Day 2019, The World Bank released an interview with Blue Ventures' Dive and Science Assistant Jemima Gomes. The focus of the interview was the problem of marine plastic pollution, and the community response on Atauro Island. I come from a fishing family. As a child I helped my father pull in the ...

Blog: Witnessing the unknown: coral spawning in Timor-Leste

Our Timor-Leste volunteers stumble upon one of nature’s most mysterious reproductive events. Read the full post: Witnessing the unknown: coral spawning in Timor-Leste

The Dugong & Seagrass Conservation Project: Timor-Leste

The Dugong & Seagrass Conservation Project have produced a film showcasing the community-based conservation work of Blue Ventures and Conservation International in Timor-Leste. The power to preserve sea grass and dugong habitats is being put into the hands of those who know them best: local communities. The government of Timor-Leste in partnership with Conservation International ...

Blog: Becoming a Divemaster

Marine conservation volunteer Aleksander Gakovic shares the personal journey of his time in Timor-Leste. Read the full post: Becoming a Divemaster

Blog: Amos and Mima: the journey to Divemaster

Blue Ventures’ Dive and Science Assistants in Timor-Leste have achieved PADI Divemaster certification and are now inspiring locally led conservation efforts in their communities. Read the full post: Amos and Mima: the journey to Divemaster

Exploring Timor-Leste

Blue Ventures has released a new Explore Photo Story with photos and text from Timor-Leste volunteer Anne-Lise Blanchet. Anne-Lise tells the story of her marine conservation expedition experience, illustrated by stunning photos of the cetaceans, scenery, coral and culture that can be found on Atauro island. Discover a remote corner of the coral triangle in Exploring ...

Blog: Caribbean career break

IT professional Mark Jones decided that he needed to take a break from his day to day and do something completely different for a couple of months... Read the full post: Caribbean career break
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