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Conservation Careers Podcast: Dr Alasdair Harris | Blue Ventures

Conservation Careers Podcast: Dr Alasdair Harris | Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures’ Executive Director, Alasdair Harris, was recently interviewed by Nick Askew on the Conservation Careers podcast.

If you’re interested in wildlife conservation and concerned about the loss of species from this little planet of ours, then you’ve probably heard of a term called community-based conservation. But what is it? And how can wildlife conservation provide a pathway to helping people out of poverty? And finally, why have some of the poorest communities in Africa decided to protect nearly a fifth of their coastline as marine protected area? Joining us this week to discuss these matters and more is CEO of Blue Ventures, Alasdair Harris. Blue Ventures is an award-winning marine conservation organisation which rebuilds tropical fisheries with local communities. And just a heads-up guys, in this episode there is some audio interference, we’ve done our best to minimise its impact and apologise for this but without further ado, let’s jump straight into the interview. Enjoy!

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