Only 1 in 3 children in the Velondriake area of southwest Madagascar go to school. Most do not make it beyond primary level and girls drop out far more often than boys. We provide young people with access to the educational opportunities they need to realise their full potential and advance marine conservation within their communities.

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A monthly donation of £5 is enough to send two children to primary or middle school every year – this includes fees and stationary.


A single donation of £30 is enough to send a child to primary school or middle school for a year – this includes fees and stationery.


A single donation of £50 is enough to send a young person to high school for a year – this includes fees, stationery and textbooks.

Every little bit helps towards tutoring, mentoring, teacher training and our exciting range of extra-curricular activities!

This year we are sending more than 200 children to school thanks to the generous donations and fundraising efforts of our supporters!

Scholars are selected on the basis of financial need and academic achievement. These students could not afford to go to school without your support. We provide them with stationery and textbooks. We also run a variety of extra-curricular activities with local teachers to ensure that they receive the most robust package of support and highest quality of education possible.

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