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A step forward for natural climate solutions with a new framework to unlock climate finance for coastal wetlands

A new blue carbon methodology has added mangrove & seagrass conservation as verified sources of emission reductions, helping to safeguard these ecosystems and bolster coastal resilience.


IUCN: Nature’s superheroes in the fight against climate change

The IUCN lists Tahiry Honko as one of ten key projects developing sustainable coastal management around the world.


MPA News: Funding MPAs by selling blue carbon credits: Practitioners from the first projects describe their experience so far

In an article from MPA News, the role of blue carbon in funding marine conservation initiatives around the world is highlighted, featuring two mangrove restoration projects that are forging a path for blue carbon finance.  Our efforts in Tahiry Honko, the world’s largest mangrove carbon conservation project based in southwest Madagascar, are referenced as an …


New research: Tackling the climate emergency through locally led mangrove conservation

Groundbreaking new research helps to shed light on the fate of the carbon stored in mangrove soils following deforestation, emphasising the importance of conservation in the face of the climate emergency. 


Communities in Madagascar launch the world’s largest mangrove carbon conservation project

The Tahiry Honko project is helping to tackle climate breakdown and build community resilience by restoring and protecting mangrove forests


Blog: Blue carbon moments

Ismaël Ratefinjanahary reflects on some of the landmark moments in Blue Ventures’ blue carbon journey


Express: Save the mangroves!

In an article for the Express, Environment Minister Dr Coffey highlights Blue Ventures’ blue forests programme as a project helping to tackle mangrove loss.


Blog: Ten years of wading through mud with BV

Lalao Aigrette, our Deputy National Blue Forests Programme Lead, tells the story of her ten years supporting communities with mangrove conservation in Madagascar.


The Nature Conservancy: Natural Climate Solutions

Blue Ventures’ work with community mangrove conservation in Madagascar features in a list of natural climate solution case studies from The Nature Conservancy.


Blog: Conserving the Bay of Assassins: the story so far

From village meetings to mangrove mud, this is the story of three years of effort from coastal communities to protect the mangroves of the Bay of Assassins in southwest Madagascar.

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