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Reef Resilience Network: Farmers of the Sea

A study recently published by the Reef Resilience Network outlines Blue Ventures’ sea cucumber farming initiatives in southwest Madagascar, and discusses the successes and key lessons learned.


FAO: How sea cucumbers are boosting the bioeconomy in Zanzibar

Blue Ventures has been working in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) with coastal communities in Zanzibar to diversify their fishing and farming activities by providing training and technical support in sea cucumber aquaculture. A new article published by the FAO describes the impact of the sharing learning exchange …


Le Point: Sea cucumbers: a natural treasure in the West Indian Ocean

In a recent article in Le Point, journalist Sylvie Rantrua explores an unusual yet valuable commodity that is improving the lives of coastal communities in the West Indian Ocean (WIO) – the sea cucumber. Once they have been brushed and dried (to become ‘trepang’) sea cucumbers are exported and sold at a high price, particularly on the …


The wait is over! Landmark moments for sea cucumber farming in southwest Madagascar

November 2018 saw the first stocking of juvenile sea cucumbers in Ambolimoke and the first successful harvest and sale in Tampolove.


DW: Aquaculture saving the economy in Madagascar

DW has released a short film showcasing our work establishing alternative livelihoods with the Tampolove community in southwest Madagascar. 


Thomson Reuters Foundation: Living with the ocean

The Thomson Reuters Foundation have produced a film about the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area following their visit to southwest Madagascar in 2018.


Sea cucumber stocking in Tampolove

In a long-awaited moment for the Tampolove community, our aquaculture team, and our wider partners, juvenile sea cucumbers were stocked in the community pens yesterday.


Blog: An aquaculture adventure: visiting Tampolove’s sea cucumber farms

A group of Blue Ventures volunteers recently visited the village of Tampolove in southwest Madagascar to learn about the sustainable aquaculture initiatives there.


Global Aquaculture Alliance: Sea cucumber project redefining traditional farming in Madagascar

Blue Ventures volunteer Amanda Millin has written a piece for Global Aquaculture Alliance about our community aquaculture programme.


DW: Madagascar: No more fish? We’ll farm seaweed instead

DW recently published a piece about the impacts of declining fish stocks and climate change on coastal communities in Madagascar, and the alternative livelihoods that these communities are turning to as fishing becomes unsustainable.

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