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SSIR: Why conservation needs a new way to scale

While global efforts to tackle poverty are making progress, conservation isn’t following the same trajectory. The world’s oceans are warming and the abundance of life on earth is dropping at rates unprecedented in human history. Globally, a million plant and animal species are now threatened with extinction putting at risk humanity’s life support systems. All …


Blog: Beyond population: reaffirming our rights-led approach to marine conservation

On World Population Day, Blue Ventures joins 150 leading conservation and health organisations to pledge support for a taboo-busting campaign called Thriving Together


Blog: Value and connection: five moments of personal and professional change

Blue Ventures trustee Fran Humber reflects on the changes she saw during her 13 years as a staff member.


Conservation Careers: Frances Humber | Blue Ventures

Conservation Careers have interviewed Blue Ventures trustee Fran Humber about her 13 year journey with Blue Ventures from Intern to Conservation Director.

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