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Blog: Sharing octopus knowledge: it’s fun and it’s virtual!

To mark World Octopus Day, Rayhan shares his story of an octopus data collection workshop with our Indonesian partner, Japesda


Data-driven insights guide reform to safeguard Madagascar’s booming mud crab fishery

Government and fisheries representatives have agreed decisive steps to improve the sustainability of a critical small-scale fishery threatened by weak regulation and soaring international market demand.


Charting a course for sustainable small-scale fisheries

Stone Town, Zanzibar – Blue Ventures led a landmark meeting in Zanzibar, bringing together 65 delegates from 13 countries across east Africa and the western Indian Ocean to discuss strategies to improve the management of Africa’s small-scale fisheries .


Community-based aquaculture in the Western Indian Ocean region: towards a sustainable future for coastal people and marine biodiversity

Stone Town, Zanzibar – A ground-breaking workshop was held in Zanzibar last week to share experiences and improve understanding of community-based aquaculture initiatives in the Western Indian Ocean region.

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