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Blue Ventures and Yayasan Pesisir Lestari: a new partnership to restore Indonesia’s seas

Blue Ventures and Yayasan Pesisir Lestari: a new partnership to restore Indonesia’s seas

Blue Ventures is thrilled to be supporting the launch of a dynamic new Indonesian conservation organisation, Yayasan Pesisir Lestari, dedicated to supporting coastal communities to rebuild fisheries and restore ocean life across the archipelago nation.

Indonesia is made up of more than 18,000 islands scattered between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It boasts the highest marine and coastal biodiversity on Earth, underpinning the world’s second most productive marine fisheries. 

As in many tropical coastal states, overfishing is increasing the demand on critical stocks, compounding the effects of the ever-growing climate emergency on Indonesia’s vulnerable coastal and marine ecosystems. 

To secure a future for Indonesia’s marine biodiversity and the millions who depend on it, its fisheries and marine resources need to be managed sustainably and equitably. Indonesia’s coastal communities share a deep-rooted connection to the ocean. Their dependency on fisheries as a source of income makes them best placed to lead efforts to rebuild stocks and lead conservation efforts. 

Addressing this issue head-on, Pesisir Lestari’s approach is to partner with community organisations, government and other marine actors to design, scale, strengthen and sustain fisheries management and conservation at the community level. 

Based out of a coordinating office in Bali, the organisation is currently providing support to 42 villages across 16 districts of Indonesia. Pesisir Lestari is mapping community-specific solutions that can meet the needs of its partner communities whilst protecting vast swathes of coastal waters within locally managed marine areas.

Pesisir Lestari’s approach aligns closely with Blue Ventures’ commitment to strengthening the conservation skills of local civil society organisations, and Pesisir Lestari is currently supporting 12 Indonesian organisations, based as far afield as Sumatra and Maluku. Through coalitions and networks of these organisations, Pesisir Lestari is working to raise awareness of the importance of small-scale fisheries, and the critical role of coastal communities in securing their long-term future.

Pesisir Lestari is dedicated to giving communities a collective voice and influence to engage government in efforts to help safeguard coastal fisheries. 

“Pesisir Lestari aims to support locally led marine conservation in ways that improve the wellbeing of small-scale fishing communities,” said Roosa Sibarani, programmes manager, Pesisir Lestari. 

Melna Saraswati, operations manager, Pesisir Lestari, said,” I am thrilled that Pesisir Lestari has launched at this critical time for the restoration of Indonesia’s seas. I applaud the whole Pesisir Lestari team for their work at a time when the country is facing the significant challenges of Covid-19.”

Over the next year, Pesisir Lestari has plans to increase its support for community-led marine conservation through a new leadership training programme for Indonesian marine conservationists working with fishing communities. It will also grow its fisheries team to extend its technical support to new partners in Indonesia and further afield.

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