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WaterBear Network: the world’s first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of the planet

Blue Ventures joins the newly launched WaterBear Network, a free Netflix-style streaming platform that brings together the very best in natural history storytelling


Only One: Featuring the Blue Ventures team in Timor-Leste

As part of it’s ‘The Last Coral Kingdom’, Only One has featured two stories written by Blue Ventures’ staff in Timor-Leste.


World class storytellers partner with Blue Ventures to share the experiences of coastal communities

We’ve partnered with the newly launched Only One media platform to tell stories inspired by our community-led marine conservation work around the coastal tropics.


Accelerating progress by supporting new partners

Last month we invited new partners from five different countries to learn more about our work and to use these experiences to spark new octopus closures and LMMA movements back home.


Partnering for conservation in Timor-Leste

Blue Ventures today signed a new partnership agreement with ZEEZM in Timor-Leste. Together we will develop and promote locally led marine conservation, provide research and advisory services and support Timor-Leste’s nascent ecotourism industry.

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