Blog: Family planning: a holistic issue

Njaka and Nantenaina travel to Rwanda to find that they're not alone in seeing the links between family planning and environmental conservation. Read the full post: Family planning: a holistic issue

PRB: Safidy can improve family planning outcomes by using HIPs

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) has released a web feature and short film about Blue Ventures' community health programme – known in Madagascar as Safidy, the Malagasy word for 'choice'. This programme supports the ability of all people to freely choose the number and spacing of their births, and aligns with three of PRB's High Impact Practices (HIPs) ...

Blog: Collaborating for child and maternal health in Ambanja

An information and exchange session in Ambanja, northwest Madagascar, has led to increased collaboration between traditional birth attendants and government health workers Read the full post: Collaborating for child and maternal health in Ambanja

Blog: Progress, experience, and passion: 11 years of supporting community health services in Madagascar

11 years ago today, Blue Ventures made the decision to diversify its approach and support local health service provision. In this blog Nick Reed-Krase reflects on the development, accomplishments and future of the Safidy programme. Read the full post: Progress, experience, and passion: 11 years of supporting community health services in Madagascar

K4Health: Passion with Purpose

In 2017, the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project, a project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), conducted a three-day storytelling workshop in Madagascar in collaboration with USAID Madagascar and Blue Ventures. This workshop gave members of the Madagascar PHE Network an opportunity to improve their knowledge management and storytelling skills, and to share their stories with ...

The St Andrews Prize: TEDx Talk – Dr Vik Mohan, Blue Ventures

The St Andrews Prize for the Environment recognises practical solutions to environmental challenges that are developed and implemented by multidisciplinary teams or community groups. Blue Ventures won this prize in 2014, and Medical Director Dr Vik Mohan travelled to St Andrews University to present the organisation’s integrated approach to conservation. Dr Mohan addressed a TEDx audience ...

Devex: How family planning can help save cheetahs

Devex mentions Blue Ventures' community health work as a successful example of a holistic approach to conservation: Conservation NGO Blue Ventures has integrated family planning into its work with coastal communities in Madagascar since 2007.  An evaluation revealed that the combined program effectively expanded contraceptive access to previously hard-to-reach communities while also promoting sustainable management of marine resources. Read ...

Blog: A Medical Elective in Madagascar

Hina Morjaria, a medical student at the University of Exeter, spent her elective learning about community health in remote Madagascar as a Blue Ventures volunteer. Read the full post: A Medical Elective in Madagascar

Resurgence & Ecologist: The role of reproductive health and rights in conservation

David Johnson and Carina Hirsch of Resurgence & Ecologist tell the story of Irene, a resident of Tampolove village in remote southwest Madagascar, and of Blue Ventures' decision to start offering family planning services. Irene was still at school when she had her son. With little to no access to health care, she would have ...

Blog: Visiting Andavadoaka: a community health learning exchange

After making the five day journey from Maintirano, Toalidy spent a month with Blue Ventures’ Safidy team in Andavadoaka learning new ways to support remote coastal communities. Read the full post: Visiting Andavadoaka: a community health learning exchange
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