FHI 360: Research on integrated development ~ these are a few of my favourite things

FHI 360 has listed Blue Ventures' PHE approach and results as an example of promising and important integrated development in their Research & Evaluation blog. Blue Ventures was founded as a marine conservation program. Yet after listening to several of the coastal communities they work with in Madagascar, they came to understand the key linkages people perceived between ...

Madagascar PHE Network: PHE resources launched!

In response to requests for technical support from environmental organisations collaborating with health service providers in isolated and biodiverse areas across Madagascar, we’re delighted to share this comprehensive Population-Health-Environment (PHE) partnerships guide and integrated PHE community outreach tool. Read the full story on the Madagascar PHE Network's website. Download the resources here.

The Huffington Post: Can adolescent health education support marine conservation?

"When Barry Segal first visited Rwanda back in 2007, he observed that many organizations were working to solve similar problems with little collaboration. He believed he could make an impact simply by investing in great organizations and by bringing them together. Here is a great example of how this looks when it works." Nicholas Reed-Krase, ...

New Research: Integrated health-environment programme leads to contraceptive uptake & fertility decline

Incorporating family planning services within community conservation initiatives can address the unmet reproductive health needs of hard-to-reach populations, enabling couples to access contraception and avoid unintended pregnancies. This is the finding of a paper just published in Studies in Family Planning, which reports on changes in modern contraception use and general fertility rates between 2009 ...

Blog: Checking the pulse of Washington DC

A conference trip to Washington by Blue Ventures’ Medical Director Vik Mohan provides an insight into how the international development community might respond to the new US administration. Read the full post: Checking the pulse of Washington DC

Blog: Tackling childhood illness in Madagascar

As part of a new community-based healthcare initiative from the Ministry of Health, Blue Ventures has been training and supporting women in isolated areas of southwest Madagascar. Read the full post: Tackling childhood illness in Madagascar

Blog: The Village Outreach Tour: Catalysing conversations with isolated communities

The Blue Ventures outreach team recently competed their second tour of 2016, engaging 32 coastal communities from southwest Madagascar in conversations about sexual and reproductive health, water purification and natural resource management. Read the full post: The Village Outreach Tour: Catalysing conversations with isolated communities

Blog: Helping Babies Breathe: reducing neonatal mortality in Velondriake

Volunteer medic Emily Clark revisits Andavadoaka with Dr Alison Leaf to train public health staff in vital neonatal care. Read the full post: Helping Babies Breathe: reducing neonatal mortality in Velondriake

Blog: Testing the waters: exploring the potential for PHE in South East Asia

Our Medical Director, Dr Vik Mohan, recently visited Indonesia and Timor-Leste to see whether coastal communities there would be interested in Blue Ventures’ integrated health and environment approach. Read the full post: Testing the waters: exploring the potential for PHE in South East Asia

Partnership with USAID Mikolo enhances health-environment work in southwest Madagascar

Blue Ventures has signed a partnership agreement with USAID Mikolo to increase access to child health services for remote coastal communities in southwest Madagascar, as part of our integrated health-environment programme in the area. In a region where 1 in 13 children dies before their fifth birthday, this new collaboration is a critical step for advancing community-based management of preventable illnesses, ...
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