News Deeply: Eco Volunteers Fill Healthcare Gap in Madagascar

Blue Ventures' community health work is featured in the article 'Eco Volunteers Fill Healthcare Gap' in Madagascar in the online magazine News Deeply.

Blog: Working across sectors for real change

Our holistic approach to marine conservation involves public health professionals, fisheries specialists, aquaculture technicians and community organisers. Bringing together such diverse talents and skills to enable interdisciplinary work requires cross-training! Read the full post: Working across sectors for real change.

Mozambique: new partnerships set to link health services with marine conservation initiatives

Blue Ventures is launching new support partnerships with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Peace Parks Foundation as they work to incorporate community health elements into their marine conservation initiatives in Mozambique. In a country where almost a third of women report unmet family planning needs and where isolated coastal communities are among the most under-served ...

Madagascar PHE Network: Numerous new cross-sector partnerships sparked through dynamic workshop!

Efforts to advance sustainable development in Madagascar received a boost last week as more than 20 health and conservation organisations came together to establish new partnerships and share learning about joint initiatives. Check out the full story: Numerous new cross-sector partnerships sparked through dynamic workshop!

Blog: Climate-resilient development? We’re doing it already!

As the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) in Paris draws closer, the term resilience appears with increasing frequency in the media. We frequently hear about “socio-ecological resilience”, “climate-resilient development” and “resilience programming”. Our Medical Director, Dr Vik Mohan, discusses the what these terms mean, and what can we learn from them on our Beyond ...

The Reporter: Three organizations help feed and improve diet of children in feeding program

The donation of our lionfish catch to the children of "Dara's" feeding program has been covered by The Reporter. Our Belize country coordinator, Jen Chapman, told the newspaper: “We need to protect the environment, and removing this aggressive fish and using it as food is a good thing” Read the full article: Three organizations help feed and ...

Huffington Post: Call the midwife!

As civil society groups advocate for progress on maternal and child health at the World Health Assembly this week, recent experiences in Madagascar demonstrate how community mobilisation can bring about positive change.

Scuba Diving Open Planet: Making waves in Madagascar

Midwives and sea cucumber farmers join a grassroots movement to protect the Indian Ocean’s underwater marvels; a holistic approach that is shining a light on the future of conservation. Ocean Watch feature in the Scuba Diving Open Planet magazine. Words by Laura Robson, images by Garth Cripps.

Integrated approach to sustainable development gathers momentum in Madagascar

A landmark meeting held in Antananarivo this week brought together health and conservation organisations, international donors and government ministers to discuss their shared vision for Madagascar’s sustainable development. The meeting called for more widespread adoption of an integrated approach known as ‘Population-Health-Environment’ (PHE), which combines health education and voluntary family planning services with natural resource ...

Environmental prize for integrated conservation and health work in Madagascar

St Andrews, Scotland - An innovative project integrating community-based health services with locally-led marine conservation initiatives has won this year’s St Andrews Prize for the Environment. The prize identifies and rewards entrepreneurs with original and practical ideas for tackling specific environmental challenges, and is run by the University of St Andrews with independent exploration and production ...
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