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Discover: Safidy: The Freedom to Choose

Discover: Safidy: The Freedom to Choose

In celebration of Safidy’s ten year anniversary, a new discover site has been released to illustrate the incredible journey of integrating community health services into our marine conservation work.

A decade ago we were a nascent marine conservation group that courageously branched out into working on community health with several respected health partners. Today we’re proud to be a PHE organisation that stands up for the rights of all individuals to choose freely the number and spacing of their births through informed contraceptive choices.

Discover Safidy: The Freedom to Choose for yourself.

At the Family Planning Summit in London (July 2017) we had the privilege of announcing an ambitious commitment to increase access to family planning services for 600,000 people living in geographically hard-to-reach coastal communities by 2020.

Join us for the next decade of this crucial work.


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