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New initiative to secure Madagascar’s crab fishery

New initiative to secure Madagascar’s crab fishery

In a positive stride forward for Madagascar’s mud crab fishery, stakeholders from across the sector have joined forces to work towards a more sustainable and secure future. 

In Morondava – a coastal town in western Madagascar and an important hub for the local mud crab fishing industry – crab fishers, government representatives, civil society organisations, commercial operators, financial partners, scientists, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), all gathered for the first time as part of a newly created management platform. 

The platform, known as the Menabe Crab Fishery Management Group (GGFC Menabe), convened on 16th July to set out its objectives, operating principles, and next steps. Its first main goal is to improve efficiency within the fishery, by reducing post-harvest losses and raising quality and traceability of the crab. It also plans to work towards the professionalisation of crab fishers, and to increase the area of well-managed mangrove forest to support a healthy crab population.

These are ambitious goals, and the GGFC Menabe recognises that success will depend on the smooth and effective collaboration between its diverse members. Read more about how it intends to do this via the official press release.

The creation of the GGFC Menabe is one of several new initiatives devised during a series of workshops that took place in 2018 to discuss the future management of the crab fishery. Organised by MIHARI, Blue Ventures, WWF and the Ministry of Fisheries, these workshops also resulted in the establishment of a national crab fishery closure, and agreement on a new minimum catch size to help maintain a healthy crab population. Blue Ventures presented the results of ten years of research on the local crab fishery during these workshops, much of which is summarised in our value chain analysis and good practice guides available in English, French and Malagasy.

We are proud to be a member of the GGFC Menabe, and look forward to working with our fellow members to build a more resilient and equitable crab fishery.


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Download the original press release here in French and English


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