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USAID Timor-Leste: The sea that sustains us

Blue Ventures recently contributed to a USAID film that celebrates the diversity and beauty in the seas of Timor-Leste, and shows the importance of the marine environment in the everyday lives of Timorese people.


Blue Ventures awarded Certificate of Recognition for environmental education programme

Madagascar’s Ministry of National Education awarded Blue Ventures a “Certificat de Reconnaisse”, acknowledging the contribution of our thriving environmental education programme to the Ambanja region in the island’s northwest.


Celebrating mangroves on the International Day of Forests in northwest Madagascar

The value of mangrove forests was celebrated in the village of Ampondrabe Mahamanina, as local communities, school children and representatives from the public and private sectors came together for the International Day of Forests.


Madagascar’s fishing communities unite to take charge of their future

A national meeting of leaders from Madagascar’s small-scale fishing communities marks a pivotal moment for the empowerment of the country’s coastal communities to assert their rights to manage traditional fishing grounds.


Blog: Conserving the Bay of Assassins: the story so far

From village meetings to mangrove mud, this is the story of three years of effort from coastal communities to protect the mangroves of the Bay of Assassins in southwest Madagascar.


#ImpactJournalism Day

June 24th 2017 was #ImpactJournalism Day, and Blue Ventures received coverage from several news sources including i News, Straits Times and Tages Anzeiger.


Blog: Bees and trees: alternative livelihoods in Ankingabe

Blue Ventures’ Digital Media Assistant Ben Honey recently visited Ankingabe village to find out about the community-led beekeeping and fuelwood plantations.


New research: Mangrove carbon stocks in southwest Madagascar and the implications for local management

New research published in the international journal ‘Forests’ reveals the carbon storage potential of mangroves in the arid region of southwest Madagascar.


Earth Island Journal: In Photos: Blue Carbon Around the World

In this photo story, Earth Island Journal explains the concept of blue carbon and the issues that surround it, using case studies of conservation organisations alongside stunning imagery.


Blog: Tinan ida iha Timor-Lorosae: A year in Timor-Leste

In January 2016, Sean Clement was arriving in Timor-Leste for the first time, and now he reflects on a remarkable year on Ataúro Island that has laid the foundations for a bright future.

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